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  1. I am looking for anyone who owns a 1911 buick with correct lights/lamps. Need some info for restoration project. Please contact me , email getcreativetoday@aol.com, phone 715-829-7593 thank you Jeff Schreiner Fall Creek WI. 1911 model 27 1930 buick marquette
  2. I have a 1930 buick marquette with a muncie 3 speed. When starting out in first the throwout bearing makes a heck of a noise. When i pulled the tranny I found that its not a bearing at all. It appears that it is lined with a material like a brake pad would have? Does anyone know if there is an actual bearing available or what to do to quiet it up. Also need speedo housing and gear that bolts to rear of tranny. Is there any where to get parts? thanks jeff schreiner fall creek wi. 1911 Buick model 27 1930 Buick marquette model 26
  3. looking for the speedometer cable housing that bolts to the rear of a 1930 muncie 3 speed tranny in a 1930 buick marquette. Also need the speedo gear. Jeff Schreiner Fall Creek, wi 1911 buick model 27 1929 model A 1930 buick marquette 1967 mustang convt. 1967 mustang shelby GT 500 2010 SLP Camaro ( future antique )
  4. I dont know what style handle it had. Judging from pics I would think it was a T handle. IT fits over a 1/2 inch round shaft and inside a 7/8 inch escutcheon. As long as it fits I could always drill and tap for a set screw. The 1/2 inch shaft sticks up approximately 1/2 inch above escutheon. Also need a speedo housing and gear that bolts to back of tranny on a 1930 muncie 3 speed. Jeff Schreiner Fall Creek Wi. 1911 buick model 27 1930 buick marquette model 26 1929 model A 1967 mustang convt. 1967 shelby mustang 2010 SLP camaro ( Future antique )
  5. Iam looking for arumble seat latch handle for my 1930 marquette. Any one know where I can find one ? jeff schreiner fall creek wi 1911 buick model 27 1930 buick marquette model 36 1929 model A 1967 shelby mustang 1967 mustang convertible
  6. Thanks everyone for your help. Dave Corbin did get back to me and says it appears to be a numbers correct 1911 model 27. Also while digging through the boxes of stuff that came with the car I found what appears to be an original sales brochure. It has a brown cover and gold lettering that says , BUICK 1911 MOTOR CARS It lists all 1911 models for the 27 it says towards the bottom . FULL FORE DOOR MODEL AVAILABLE FOR 1200.00 . I also found a copy of the parts and price guide for 1911 model 26 and 27. It lists every part, price and part number for the car. It also has the telegraph codes to use when ordering parts. Apparantly you could not teletype numbers. In this book it lists all the parts needed to add front doors. So I guess even though not listed as an option front doors on a 1911 model 27 where available. Interesting stuff in that book. Jeff Schreiner Fall Creek , wi. 1911 model 27
  7. I have a 1911 buick with a four cylinder. 1 valve sticks open when the engine is warm. Can anyone tell me how to fix? can valve be easily removed? thanks jeff
  8. thanks for all the info. everyone. Does anyone know what model in 1911 had a front door on passenger side and drivers side is non operating. If I where to remove door and drivers panel it looks exactly like model 27. They definately look like they where added from factory. Where can I get pictures and lit. on a model 27. Wheelbase , colors and motor are right. Also I have a valve that sticks open when the engine warms up. Does it easily remove from the top of the cylinder ? I removed the locking nut on top , should it pull out as an assembly ? Or is there an easy fix ? for now that is it. Jeff
  9. I would like to direct this question to Dave Corbin or any one else. I have a 1911 buick model 27. Frame # is 1488 , Body # is 883. Engine # is 1939. I would like to find out if they are original 1911. any history? car does have front door. I heard these where an option on 1911 model 27. They came as steel. Which mine are.I bought this car at an auction on saturday so I dont know anything about it. Any help would be graet. Jeff Schreiner
  10. well I found an original 1911 buick brochure in all the boxes of stuff I received with car. according to it the front doors where an option. It states that the doors where made of metal which they are. Also only the first 1500 had brass radiators. mine is number 1488, body number is 883, engine number is 1939. Engine , trans, clutch, all drivetrain , suspension, all major wood body parts, speedo. Where all rebuilt in 1998. Car was never driven , only to keep lubed. Have 2 sets of fenders. 2 hoods. everything appears to be there except ignition switch, rear light, 1 lantern. Needs new interior , top, and paint on body. ( Chasis is all redone ) Paid 11500.00 at an auction. Must have gotten good deal, was offered 18000 before it was loaded in trailer. Can anyone tell me how to check numbers and see if they are 1911 ? thanks Jeff
  11. The car is not a 1912 model 29. My levers on the drivers side are outside the car not inside. Jeff
  12. thanks for the info and I will keep digging. Jeff
  13. I just purchased a 1911 buick model 27 touring car. I cannot find any pics that match it. All the ones I have seen all have 2 doors in rear in none in the front. Mine has rear doors , front passenger door, and drivers front has no door or opening. 3 door ? Frame number is 1448. I can post pics later the car is unassembled as far as fenders etc. Can anyone tell me what this may be or is it correct. Thanks jeff
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