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  1. It appears the Colo Auto Museum Inc. was located at 512 Lookout Mountain Road from 1958 to 1959. It was owned by Arthur H. Christiansen from Denver. They had some rare cars including Tucker #1036 there. The cars were auctioned off after it closed down. Does anyone remember being there in 1958 or 1959?
  2. You are one lucky person then. I spoke with Stan a few months back and he is a great guy. I found his museum on Lookout was there about 10 years after the one we are looking for. The one we're trying to find was there from about 1958 to early 1962. Maybe he'll remember more about who might have been up there prior to him.
  3. The Tucker was there from 1958 to about 1961 or 1962 when the Museum was closed
  4. The article was in a St Louis newspaper. It was about the owner of one of the Tuckers and the owner just stated that he bought the car from a Museum on Lookout Mountain in Colorado that was going out of business a couple years ago. No other clues or statements were made about it. I had also had second and third hand accounts from people that a previous owner had sold his Tucker to a Museum on Lookout Mountain. Both of these people owned the same car and there was an owner in between them. One says I sold my car to the Lookout Mountain Museum and the other says I bought my car from the Lookout
  5. Sounds like nothing historical will happen in Colorado until 2012. Several people had posted early that there was no car museum on Lookout Mountain but so far I've found three that were there. The one you and I are looking for was there in the late 50s and maybe until the early 60s. It'll show up sometime
  6. I ran across a photo from 1955 for the Cody Inn. It has a sign on it that says Museum but its too small to blow up and see if it says what kind of Museum. I spoke with Stan Francis who is a great guy but this was long before he had his museum there. Several people remember it being there and also know about it selling off their collection when they went out of business. Someone must know who was running it or have some photos of the lovely vacation spot full of cars.
  7. I found more information on the museum. A car owner mentioned in an article published in the fall of 1965 that he had purchased his car a few years ago from a Museum atop Lookout Mountain near Denver. The Museum was going out of business. It may have been owned by Jack Brinkerhoff who operated a Car Museum on Lookout Mountain prior to the one located there in the 70s that was owned by Stan Francis. This would put the operation of the Museum in the 1950s up to 1962-63. Sorry I don't have more to go on but maybe this better timeframe will help.
  8. Does anyone know of a Car Museum that was once located on Lookout Mountain near Golden Colorado? This would have been in the 60s or 70s. I know the Buffalo Bill Museum and the Colorado Railroad Museum are located there. Has either ever had a collection of rare classic cars? Thanks in advance for any information or photos !
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