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  1. Looking for a good working dynaflow tranny to fit my '63 401 Riveria. Perferably not to far from Victoria, Briish Columbia. Mine is starting to slip in drive and reverse. Thanks - Auctionguy in Victoria
  2. Hi guys: Anybody out there have a good operational dynaflow for sale to fit my '63 401. Perferably not to far from Victoria, British Columbia. Mine is starting to slip starting out in drive or reverse. Thanks - Auctionguy in Victoria
  3. Thanks. There is a cable controlled valve near the firewall. I can move it but it has no effect. It must be broken inside. I will take it off and check it out. Thanks again.
  4. Hi: I have a '63 Riv with a 401 nailhead with air. The heater control is disconected at the dashboard so I am unable to adjust the heat settings from inside the car. Can anybody tell me how to do it from the engine compartment? Thanks from a shivering Canuk.
  5. Hi Everybody: I have a 63 Riv with tilt steering which is broken. The steering wheel just flops all over. I guess I have to change the column. My question is, what steering columns are compatable or must I use one out of a 63 only? Thanks for any advice.
  6. Thank you Rivnut. There are 2 screws on each bezel. All I had to do was bend over and take a look. I feel stupid.
  7. Hi everyone: I know this sounds like a basic feat but is there some secret to aligning, adjusting or even changing the headlights in my 63. On all the other cars I've had, you simply access the adjusting screws fron the front of the vehicle. On my 63 t is here is no room, the headlight opening in the grill is too tight to the headlights. It looks like I have to take the entire grill out. Is this right?
  8. Will a 55 Buick Dynaflow fit into my 63 Buick Riviera 401 nailhead. My tranny nneds rebuilding and the local tranny shop has a 55 sitting on the shelf.
  9. It slips in D and R. Seems to be okay in L.
  10. Hi everybody: I live in Victoria, British Columbia and I have a '63 Riv with the 401 nailhead and the good old Dynaflow is slipping. I need to repair or replace it. Does anyone nearby have one for sale or know a good tranny shop I should contact. Thanks for any help you can give.