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  1. HI, can you supply the molding strip in the middle of the hood ? grill extensions on both sides and park light housings on both sides ?
  2. Very little I can do from Sri Lanka unfortunately. I have written to the Metairie Sherriff's department.
  3. Great ! The strange thing is, he has deleted the private message he sent to me and it has even cleared it from my inbox ! Or is that because he was banned ?
  4. I searched his name now and it shows as joined on September 8th.... he messaged me on the 8th too
  5. Hi all, Please be aware that there is a scammer on AACA his current member name is fedwards. I'm sure he keeps changing names or joining with different names. He will message you saying he has all the parts you need and will request a Walmart to Walmart payment. The payment will be requested to Melissa Allen Address: 1900 Emily St. Metairie Louisiana 70001 If you search this name and address on Google, there are other cases of the same scam with the same name and address. I wish I had searched before sending him $6
  6. HI all, Im looking to buy a set of 58 Buick NOS mufflers for a Century with dual exhaust. I have seen new old replacement stock mufflers come up for sale
  7. The factory air cars always had a multi blade fan and a fan clutch. This fan is from a 57. wow that was an amazingly low price he was asking for that car. I paid over $15,000 (cdn) for my wreck !!
  8. The "hot tank" contained caustic soda dissolved in water. The Electrolysis was done with voltage ranging from 12 to 24 volts, maintaining the current draw at around 10 amps. Most of the items were in electrolysis over 24 hours. The fan is from a 57 Nailhead with AC
  9. So.. work started on the engine.. No wonder the engine was stuck !! Time to wash every thing for the first of many times.. Caustic bath Wash again Electrolysis Comes out like new.. In Primer
  10. Reproductions will be available soon :-) Just trying to gauge how much interest there is in new lenses
  11. Since the car is going to get painted a shade of Orange color, the body gets painted in an orange color on the under side and the inside and then gets placed on the blasted, primed and painted chassis. Next all the body panels get fitted back and they all get spray filler applied and the whole body leveled with all the panels in place. I have a photo of a car which I found in the web. It is a beautiful shade of orange and that is the the color I want my car to be... It is not a stock 58 Buick shade of orange so I had to keep mixing paint and applying on different panels till it looked like i
  12. Thanks Doug and a Happy new year to you and yours too ! Actually the progress shown up to the last set of photos above, has taken exactly 2 and a half years. Progress since then has not been as good as I want but I had stopped them working on the car because I had them working on my 1960 Pontiac 4 door hard top.
  13. I bought the car on 30th December 2009. Started dismantling the car for restoration on 20th May 2011 The project was at this stage on 8th November 2013
  14. After the body was blasted back to bare metal, it was primed immediately Then seam sealer on all the seams on the body Next, stone chip and corrosion protection both inside and out. Then a coat of spray filler and paste filler over that. the paste filler gets sanded down so that it only remains on any small indentations in the body. We do not leave a whole layer of paste filler on the entire body
  15. well at that stage, all the rust on the main body shell had been cut out and replaced with hand made panels, the unbolt-able panels like the doors and fenders have been replaced with good rust free panels imported from USA and the roof has been replaced. So next stage... off goes the body again from the chassis.. and onto the rotisserie she goes. Gets pushed outside.. and blasted clean !!
  16. True Dale, like you say, the way it has been done is a shame. Too many add ons. That car should have been left as a sedan. Looked much better. Lets hope my Century hard top project ends up looking good
  17. hehe thanks for the confidence... I do know of a perfectly good 58 Special 4 door sedan which someone in the USA chopped and ruined by making into a convertible... Photos below
  18. hahaha :p just playing around with you folks ... I would never do that to the car. The original roof had far too much deep pitted rust on it. We could have cleaned it up and re used it but the pitted rust always comes back to bite us here in Sri Lanka, no matter how well we clean and treat the steel. I guess its the high humidity. So I imported a beautiful rust free roof from USA and welded that on New and old roofs side by side New roof Here's the old girl sporting her new rust free roof
  19. :-) The first thing we did when we dismantled the car for restoration, was to strip the body bare, then take the body off the chassis and check the chassis for rust and twisting or bending due to possibly collisions etc and we found the chassis to be very very good. Only surface rust and it was completely straight. You can see the parallel strings in the photos. The chassis was set up to be level, on a specially prepared completely level concrete floor. Then parallel strings on either side and a center line string strung up and the whole chassis checked from every mounting point (both body a
  20. Decided to chop the top and make it a convertible !!! :eek:
  21. Hahaha only the house thankfully :-) the car was just surrounded by their under garments :-P
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