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  1. HI, can you supply the molding strip in the middle of the hood ? grill extensions on both sides and park light housings on both sides ?
  2. Very little I can do from Sri Lanka unfortunately. I have written to the Metairie Sherriff's department.
  3. Great ! The strange thing is, he has deleted the private message he sent to me and it has even cleared it from my inbox ! Or is that because he was banned ?
  4. I searched his name now and it shows as joined on September 8th.... he messaged me on the 8th too
  5. Hi all, Please be aware that there is a scammer on AACA his current member name is fedwards. I'm sure he keeps changing names or joining with different names. He will message you saying he has all the parts you need and will request a Walmart to Walmart payment. The payment will be requested to Melissa Allen Address: 1900 Emily St. Metairie Louisiana 70001 If you search this name and address on Google, there are other cases of the same scam with the same name and address. I wish I had searched before sending him $6
  6. Thanks everyone for your comments. The car I bought to restore, had not run for 15 years or more. The car was parked in a semi open garage for this time where it was exposed to lots of moisture. The outside of the transmission is a little rusty. I'm sure after 15 years of sitting in one place, that it needs a full service with all new gaskets and seals ?? I could import the full rebuilt kit and let the best auto transmission shop in the country (Sri Lanka) service it. However, they have never ever seen a Dynaflow before so they will not know how and what to check and how to adjust the various
  7. No Martin, I haven't thought of searching in Australia. Naturally I thought of USA because the cars were originally made there so I thought there should be a larger population of Dynaflow specialists in USA
  8. Yeah its a horrendous cost, restoring this car. We can not import classics into Sri Lanka so I did not have the option of importing a good car from USA. All my parts come from USA and all my chrome is going to the USA and coming back as well. I'll post a link to my restoration album soon
  9. Thanks for that. Do you have an email address or website for them ?
  10. Hi all, I need to get the dynaflow from my 58 Buick Century rebuilt. One company quoted $5000 and 3 weeks to do the trans and the torque converter. Does this sound about right for a full professional rebuild ? Any places that anyone can suggest I can ask that is competent to rebuild a Dynaflow ?
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