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  1. They didn't fit well with the wide rectangular front part on top, but with it on the bottom, they kind of snap right in and don't move around much.
  2. Thanks, I think the rectangular wide front part ends up on the bottom side of the block/ pump? And the thinner section covers the side and some of the top? With the skinny tail towards the back. Hope this is correct.
  3. Hello, Does anyone have any clear photos showing the correct installation position of the brass baffles around/behind the water pumps on '41 and later Lincoln V-12s? The illustration that comes with the instructions for the replacement baffles is just about useless.
  4. Hi West, My car is also on the 148" wheel base. No radio, or A/C, or overdrive. Sold new from Bush-Morgan in Pasadena, California. Has been a California car it's whole life. Paint and interior have been re-done, most of the chrome is original. Hasn't been on the road for several years, so working on that, and detailing the engine compartment. I will attempt to add a photo. Thanks for your help, Rick
  5. Thanks for both replies, I will take a look at the Max Merritt website. Best regards, Rick
  6. Thank you! Looks like they have a lot of great stuff in their catalogue. Regards, Rick
  7. Hi again, Does anyone make replacement/reproduction plastic knobs for the window and wing crank handles? I have a 1940 180. Thank again, Rick
  8. Hello, This is my first post. I recently bought a 1940 Packard 180 LWB Touring Sedan. I see a bunch of decals listed on eBay for the underhood components, but there are several different types for the same applications. I would like to know which ones are correct for my year model. 1. Oil Filler Cap 2. Oil Filter Housing & or lid 3. Air Cleaner- Oil Bath Type 4. Any others that I am not aware of? Thank you, Rick
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