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  1. I have replaced my rubber on the vent windows, all hardware is in good shape the passenger side works perfectly, the driver side is sitting low in the rubber there is a small gap at the top. Does anyone know how to adjust the alignment so that the window will sit in the rubber properly ? Any help ?
  2. I want to thank all of you for getting my 1941 Chrysler on the road, now that I am driving it more, I have a question about the running temp. What should the normal temp be for the 242 flathead 6 ?. When I run the car the temp gauge goes up to the red mark of the gauge, never higher(I only drive about fifty miles one way at a time.) this worries me I would like to drive a little further, but i worry that I will over heat. Any help, thanks
  3. I am looking for a exhaust manifold with casting numbers 666876-2 it's for a 1941 chrysler 242cid flathead 6, please contact me if you have one to sale.
  4. Would anyone know where I might purchase interior glass window sweeps for a 1941 Chrysler ?
  5. Fustydad: Thanks, I have worked out all the problems, I was having with the transmission. Now I am completing the interior restoration. Now I am redoing my front end suspension, the only part I would like to have is the lower control arms, in the near future. Skip
  6. I wanted to thank all of you for the help with the fluid drive, I am back on the road. I found a place in Torrence, California that was able to do the work. I really wanted to thank Desoto Frank and Rusty O'Toole, thanks for putting up with my questions, it's all down hill from here. My next question is exactly which oil to use (30W non-detergent) ? What is the final conclusion on the tires (Bias- Radial) ?
  7. This sounds very much like my vehicle, are you located in southern california, thats where my "Bertha" is. Does the vehicle work properly now ?
  8. I think I found a mechanic to repair my transmission vacumatics, thanks for the help. Here in Southern California there are not many who can work on these old models, not many around.
  9. I do belong to the WPC, I have had a better responds fron AACA, I need to see a car in Southern California. This not my first restoration, I remember having to wear out shoe leather and travel to other ststes to find parts for My 1931 Model A, 1940 Chevy Delux, 1957 Chevy 3100, I just wanted to find something different, and I have. Thanks
  10. My mechanic has given up, Doesn't anyone have a 1941 Chrysler/Royal/Windsor/Desoto 6 cylinder with fluid drive that I can get a picture of the electrics for the shifting of the trans, all the electric have been removed and I need to know where the componets a placed for the signal to the solenoid for the up shift, this is a solid car that needs to be driven. Please help me get it on the road. Thanks
  11. I wanted to ask if anyone would have any images of the m4 transmission and fluid drive in a 1941 Chrysler. All the components were removed from the vacuum to carb to the switches of the transmission, I have recovered most of the parts required to fix the problem. My major problem is that looking at the manuals and schematics, there is not a good picture of the exact locations for the shifting components, I think I am missing a mounting bracket for the switch to the carb and/or throttle, if I could see a picture of existing car with this set up I know I could mount all the components in the right way and the Trans will work as it should. Any information that you have would really help. You just don't find 1941 Chrysler Royals in Southern California<!-- google_ad_section_end -->
  12. Please help!!!! Isn't there someone out there with a 1941 Chrysler willing to take detailed pictures of their electrical controls/componets to the fluid drive, so I may get my 1941 on the road. Any help would be good, Thanks
  13. Please help!!!! Isn't there someone out there with a 1941 Chrysler willing to take detailed pictures of their electrical controls/componets to the fluid drive, so I may get my 1941 on the road. Any help would good, Thanks
  14. On EBAY there is a seller offering interior plastic for the 1941 Chrysler, the seller name is TOWNANDCOUNTRY1947 the price is $1200.00 for the set, including dash knobs.
  15. This looks just like my chrysler, do you have any pictures of the electrical componets, from the carb to the transmission solenoid and so on, everything was removed from the car and I need to replace the electrical componets, which I think I have all of them, but seeing how they mount on the car, I would know if I have all I need to make the transmission work properly. Any pictures you would have would be useful. THIS CAR RUNS GREAT AND IS SOLID, be a shame to let it sit because I can't figure out the electrics, I think there are some brackets missing for the set up, Thanks