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  1. I have a friend who needs a headlight lens for a 37 Terraplane. If you have a spare please let me know Jerry Robinson
  2. Where exactly can I pick up a vendor directory for the Hershey meet, on Wed? This is my first fall meet and I am not familiar with the site. Thanks Jerry
  3. What type factory paint was used to paint 1971 Olds Cutlass automobiles? Was it lacquer or was it enamel? Thanks Jerry
  4. Is there a directory of the dealers, in the swap meet area, at the Hershey meet ? If there is a directory where will they be available? I would like to find Mustang and 442 specialists.
  5. I have just retired and I am new to the AACA. I am attending my first Fall Meet in Hershey. I am traveling from Canyon, Texas. I need to know if it is O.K. for me to pull a radio flyer wagon, for parts cartage, in the swap meet area. Thanks: Jerry
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