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  1. I am looking for five 16"x 5" stock wheels for my '36 half ton.
  2. I also am interested. Please send pictures to hernorthstar@yahoo.com. Regards
  3. I'm interested. Contact me at hernorthstar@yahoo.com Mike
  4. Thanks a lot for the information and advise. I'll see what find in my area. I'm looking for artillary wheels for my 1/2 ton if you know of any. thanks, Mike
  5. Dodge KLC do you have the name, address, phone number of the place that made the face plate decals
  6. Red36LC

    Over temp

    Back again, it was the radiator. It was partially plugged with rust and stuff that wouldn't flush out. Had a new core made. I drove it to a car show 30 miles away today with no problems. I changed the water distribution tube while the radiator was out. And flushed the block a lot.
  7. I understand. Please let me know if you decide to sell them.
  8. Gentlemen and Ladies, I had to change the water tube in my '36 half ton. Knowing it was going to be a difficult undertaking I made a puller and it worked great. Had it out in about two hours. Of course the prayers helped too! hernorthstar@yahoo.com
  9. Jazzman, I am interested in the rims, they appear to be in good condition, if they're all the same as the one in the photo. How much for just the rims?
  10. Jazzman, Can you see the engine #? Left side in front of oil fill cap on raised pad. Do you know when it was last runnng?
  11. leaf springs all around gas cap is inside under the seat driver's side.
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