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  1. It must have been so satisfying to see some freshly-painted metal parts ready to fit to the car eventually!
  2. So is it finished? It looks finished in those amazing photos, Roger. Happy new year, and congratulations! Thank you for allowing us to join you on this amazing journey.
  3. Yes please, Roger. Please put a link in this thread to that story when you tell it!
  4. I wonder whether the only way someone will appreciate the detail in your work is if this beautiful model is displayed in a cabinet in a "broken down" situation, perhaps raised on the jack with the bonnet/hood raised, one hub cap loose and a wheel removed as though there was a puncture. I was looking at the wheel centres and the mounting studs, thinking that nobody will ever see what's behind the hub caps...
  5. I just saw a video that I though was interesting for anybody intrigued by the 'models photographed as life-size' discussion. It's quite a big animated gif so I'm linking rather than embedding it: https://i.imgur.com/RjdRlLg.gif
  6. I think it's something a person with your talents could manage, Roger. ? I found this interesting page showing how one man in the US does it: https://petapixel.com/2013/10/14/life-like-miniature-scenes-shot-using-model-cars-forced-perspective-250-ps/
  7. Apart from the harshness of the camera's flash and the shadows it creates, those photos look incredibly life-like. It really is amazing to see the car in that condition. (Maybe you could brush some soot in the exhaust pipes? It looks almost too perfect at the moment! )
  8. I sometimes wonder, Roger, how your photos would look if you changed the camera angle slightly so they looked as though they could have been taken by someone standing behind a real car. In this photo the car looks completely life-size, except that the camera position is higher than it could naturally be for an adult standing behind a car. It might be difficult to get the photo's background to look realistic if more of it is visible, but I'd love to see you try!
  9. Roger, which parts of the build do you enjoy the most? I know from the restoration of my 1:1 Corvette that I enjoy some jobs more than others. Do you prefer the fabrication of small metal items? Large body panels? Interior parts? Electrics? Paint? Problem solving? I'm guessing the body panels would be near the bottom of your list because you said you found them difficult!
  10. Roger, is that a photo of the emblem you copied or of the 1:12 reproduction? I genuinely don't know how to tell.
  11. I'm not joking here: I glanced at the first photo (of the trunk internal view) and thought this was a photo of a life-size car you were using for reference. Just amazing, Roger. Thank you for the updates.
  12. Unbelievable! Roger you must be allowing yourself to feel some excitement now! (Surely?)
  13. I'm compelled to reply too. Roger, here's your chassis assembly: Here's a photo of a real chassis (different vehicle!), mid-restoration: You can see why people might be impressed by how unbelievably detailed your model chassis has become and how incredible your skills look. It's genuinely amazing.
  14. Are you getting ready to "corner weight" the car so the handling is perfect? ?
  15. I'm still here too Roger, but I use the "thumb up" button to let you know I appreciate your work and your updates. I have no useful information to contribute to your thread other than my support, so I don't want to add clutter of my own between your amazing updates! I really appreciate your skill and attention to detail though. It'll be a shame when it's finished.
  16. As a Brit I couldn't agree more. There's nothing fundamentally wrong with our skills but when bad or lazy workers are protected so well by employment laws and union powers, they can escape the punishment that would otherwise "focus their mind" ;-)
  17. Roger, I wouldn't normally comment on something as personal as someone's choice of colour, but you asked for opinions... My opinion is that the best colour would be one that is correct for the age of car. A sharp, modern colour on an old car looks wrong unless the owner is deliberately making a custom car, in which case the wheels and interior also need to look custom. Both colours you've presented look like beautiful shades but to my eyes they look like modern colours. Are they?
  18. Roger - if ever you need any help sourcing/buying/posting parts from the UK, please ask. I'd be happy to help in some way.
  19. I didn't realise chrome plating would crack if the part is bent too much. That must be frustrating for you.
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