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  1. hi when are se going to see more on the car? thanks ed
  2. hi i may have the hood hinge if you send me a pics of what you need. im working on a 32 nash and i emailed you about some parts and some info. i disd not know if you received it or not. i have some parts but im not sure what car i have.im going to street rod mine so i will have extra parts. thanks ED
  3. hi. im looking for parts for a 1932 nash coupe ,rs serial number is ( x 19769 ). im not sure if the car is a 31 and they called it a 32. i need a hood and front fenders . and a drivers door mine is not rusted out but it is dentd up. and a lower door hinge for the drivers door. i have some parts for sale. front and rear bumpers and original head lights for it to that i would sell and front and rear leaf springs and brackets and i have a wind shield frame for a nash but im not sure what model it fits . and i have a original steering column and gear box . i can send pics of the parts. and if any body can tell me what model and year i have would realy help me. i have a hood but i dont think its the 1 for it. im putting steel frame in it and taking out what wood that was left and im not sure how high the body is suppose to be in the back and the front cowl. if any body knows will you let me know. THANKS ALOT ED EMAIL @ edro1958@yahoo.com
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