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  1. Thank you Howard. We're thinking it's a homemade car(?) The steering assembly is rather unique. The steering shaft is almost vertical and it has a gear at the bottom. The gear turns a semi-circular "axel"...see photo.
  2. Thanks very much for your suggestion. I just posted the info in the "photo & video forums" under the sub form "what is it". Crossing my fingers...
  3. Can anybody assist in identifying the make (and possibly the year) of this very unusual early car? It looks a little bit like a Schacht but the similarities simply appear to be the radiator. Thanks so much in advance. Charlie Kuhn AACA Life Member 1934 Buick 66C
  4. Can anyone help me identify the manufacturer of this unusual piece? Is looks a little like a Schacht... Thank you! Charlie
  5. I have a completely restored (stock) 1940 Ford Pickup Truck and have attached a photo. Let me know if this is what you are seeking. Thanks!
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