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  1. It's noted on the registration there is a $20 fee for trailer parking on the fairgrounds. The hotel I've chosen has limited trailer parking on a first-come basis. My question is, can the $20 fee be collected when I arrive in Carlisle, in the event my hotel lot is full, or must I pre-pay in advance when I register? Or I may just drive the car out.
  2. I read in the Jan/Feb ANTIQUE AUTOMOBILE a new Special Interest non-competitive AACA class has been added for 2013. Considered for this group are celebrity cars, movie/TV cars and such. Will we see Betty White's Seville or Whitney's Rolls at Hershey this fall? What do you guys think of this addition?
  3. Since this thread has taken a direction of "what does or doesn't belong in this Professional Class", let me ask why limosines (especially those w/ divider winders) are not considered for this class? Most would have been driven by a paid driver as hearses, ambulances, taxis, etc. Many were completed by an outside coachbuilder. To me this puts them in the same vein as hearses and such. The Professional Car Society includes them. I remember the Fall Meet of 2011 included a 1968 Caddy Limo in 27-H, hardly your average production vehicle. Personally, I don't see the real connection between funeral vehicles and and taxi/police vehicles. Better mix would be funeral/limo in one group and municipal vehicles (taxi, police, ambulance) as another group.
  4. Right, Stonefish. My original post raised the question of authenticity for a Metropolitan Taxi. There is no denying this Met was beautifully restored, and a crowd-pleaser! Is there any documentation of Mets being used as taxis, or was it done for fun? If done for fun, how does this vehicle fit into the AACA philosophy of authenticity judging?
  5. The list of vehicles awarded AACA Original at Hershey was mighty long. I wonder if anyone was denied the award. Hopefully it wasn't a blanket certification. Since the addition of vehicles 25 years old to HPOF, it seems to have attracted many late model antiques whose owners in some cases don't want to do anything to the car (like cleaning it) under the guise of keeping it original. Many of those late models could have benefitted from a little wash 'n wax and vacuuming, and still have been original. On the other hand, I can think of several that I wonder why they are wasting their time in HPOF. As they appeared, could have more than likely received a 1st Junior and Senior. Many original cars have achieved that award. It also begs the question, is that particular vehicle such an outstanding original, or has "too much" restoration been done? My HOPF vehicle was certified when 35 years was the rule, and I considered it quite an honor. Not sure today.
  6. Seriously, were any Mets ever used as taxis? Did anyone get the owner's story behind this "cutie"? I see it was awarded a 1st Junior.
  7. Called HR last evening. They received it and is due to be processed today. Now about that warm sunny day . . .
  8. Has anyone received registration confirmation from Hershey Region. Sent form on July 23 including self-addressed/stamped envelope as usual. The turn-around time normally is only a few days, but it hasn't come back to me yet. I see Region phone lines are only available Monday/Wednesday. I hope it didn't get lost in snail mail, as time is running out.
  9. I'm really enjoying this travelog, wish I was along for the ride. Keep those pictures coming! Any Plymouths?
  10. The 2012 Judging Guidelines is available. Are there any changes to Class 04?
  11. If every AACA award vehicle winning a 1st Junior or Senior was required to be a 400 pt perfectly restored as per factory example, the trophy expense would be ALOT smaller! We judge authenticity and condition. Our system works (in most cases) with the 365/375 pt minimum and 10 pt spread to give benefit to slight imperfections on original components (ex: chrome or upholstery) on an otherwise restored vehicle. I've seen many original vehicles win a 1st JR/Sr with a few imperfections. Awesome! The system worked. In some cases a close substitute may be required in restoration, as the exact duplicate may no longer be available (upholstery material or tires) for a particular vehicle while repros are available for a more popular model in the same judging class. This doesn't make the first a modified. The system allows these 2 vehicles to compete on the same playing field. If an owner wishes to add non-authentic accessories or mechanical upgrades, it is at the risk of deductions. The same can be said of the owner who chooses to not have his bumpers rechromed. He also risks point deduction. This is a hobby. AACA is all about factory authenticity, but a showfield of 400 pt only cars would be very small. The Foxcraft skirts on my Plymouth (yes they are a point deduction) look great. It hardly makes it a modified "street machine".
  12. How does the criteria differ between HPOF and AACA Original? It wasn't explained in the AACA magazine. Will AACA Original be a separate class from HPOF?
  13. I just received latest ANTIQUE AUTOMOBILE, and read with anticipation the new HPOF Original Award. It give us HPOF owners more to strive for. The way I read, those certified prior to 2012 must request re-consideration for the Original Award, while those receiving HPOF certification in 2012 seem automatically considered for the next level. The Vice President of Class Judging will inundated with requests. Previous winners of First Junior do not need to request for Senior judging, even if the Jr was received 10 years ago. The Original Award is a good thing, but why must all prior winners go through the extra step? Also, what is the criteria for obtaining the elevated Original status v. just HPOF? I assume a larger % of originality?
  14. Thanks tcuda340 for the update. So I guess it is indeed a '72, very interesting history then. Wish I'd had the opportunity to talk to the owner. Sure hope he returns next year.
  15. Dave, I just picked-up on your examples of HP/wheelbase. I agree, numbers designation is better than a list of eligible models. My point was a break-down by years much like is done w/ Mustangs, Commercial, and even class 27.
  16. Again, I have nothing invested, but here's a thought. I like the thinking of HP v. wheelbase, so how about under 30HP w/ wheelbase under 85" as the determining factor. Then 04A - Pre-war, 04B- Post-war to maybe 1955, 04C - 1956 to 1965, 04D - 1966 to 1975, etc. Right now, I can't see what a '49 Crosley (for example) has in common w/ an '80 Rabbit. The factory build-quality of those two eras is vastly different in these 2 examples.
  17. Would have been interesting to know the racing history of this '72 Charger, if it was raced beginning in 1972, etc. (or possibly the YOM is incorrect) Hopefully the car will return next year w/ that info for us to see. Stonefish, sounds like an interesting Subaru. Can we expect to see it next year in the race car class?
  18. After viewing the Race Car class at Hershey, I was wondering what determines the year of manufacture for a car in this class. For example, the 1970 Buick owned by Mr. Torok is obviously a later '30's Buick(?) coupe body w/ a straight 8 motor. The 1964 Chevrolet owned by Ms. Fidler, also a Speedway racer, is a '30's coupe w/ a V-8 motor. I was interested in the 1972 Dodge Charger of Mr. Lamancuso. I didn't see any racing history posted by the car, and didn't speak w/ the owner. Presumably also a speedway racer, I doubt it was campaigned in 1972. I was always under the impression the year was determined by the paint scheme of the year as the car is presented. Or is it the year of the engine?
  19. I don't have a car in here, but made a B-line to see the entrants. I think there were 22 vheicle, and as expected, the majority were VW's. Thanks Ron, it was good to see your collection. The remaining small cars seemed a bit out of place. Sorry more Mets didn't attend this time. Two entrants in 04A, seemed lop-sided to Post-war. Maybe the answer, Class 04C for Volkswagons.
  20. I agree w/ Stonefish on several counts. Trucks are trucks. VW commercial vehicles and Crossley trucks are no different than a Model A pick-up, and they are not in the Model A classes. Most vehicles shown to date have been imports (except Crossley) as most on the list are foreign manufacture. What about American "small" cars not on the list? Import sedan classes with a possible wheelbase limitation would have been easier to define. Like Euro sedan and Asian sedan. Or maybe just a break-out of VW, as they seem to dominate. Or maybe things were best left unchanged. I am looking forward to the class at Hershey to see what's there, but they are in the boonies according to the map. BTW, HPOF, where Iam is still way in the back. I thought we were to be in the front. I guess everyone will know where to find us.
  21. 303 Aerospace Products makes an awesome cleaner and protectant for fabric soft tops. I use both on my Sebring Cvt top with amazing results. Rain water runs off the top like it was metal even months after an application. I don't feel it's too expensive. One source is, or just Google 303 products.
  22. I visited the Antique Club of America (ATCA) annual meet in Macungie, Pa this past weekend. Those guys put some beautiful trucks on the showfield. Light-duty pick-ups to big rigs from the '20's right up to the mid '80's benefitted from amazing restorations! Unfortunately, very few of those meticulously restored big rigs were displaying an AACA Jr/Sr Awards badge. At our AACA Meets, larger trucks are seldom displayed. Possibly an untapped membership demographic the AACA needs to get on board!
  23. Elegant indeed! As a spectator, what an experience. An incomparable collection of vehicles displayed in an almost perfect venue. Mother nature had other plans for the Parade of Winners. I witnesssed the Chrysler Newport Parade Phaeton steaking for cover of the trailer during the downpour, with the owner running ahead to stop traffic!
  24. Why is no one complaining about all of the street rod and "resto-mod" photos in this Forum's Gallery? This is AACA, and if we don't recognize or appreciate these vehicles as a club, why do we embrace them in pictures? It is misleading to any visitors to this Forum and their understanding as to the mission of AACA. Mr. Moderator, I don't enjoy recently modified vehicles on the any showfield, and question why they are pictured here. As to the vehicle that started this thread, yes it IS ugly (to me), but if constructed by a respected customizer in the '50's, is historically significant. It most likely no longer exists, so we most won't need to "bend any rules".
  25. I received my letter last week. When I saw AACA as the return address, with such nervous anticipation, I proceeded to open the envelope at the mailbox, actually tearing a corner of the frameable document! Geez! Alas, I was disappointed to not have been selected as a winner. I would have liked for everyone to see that "National Award" tab on my grill. It indeed was an honor to have been nominated and I will frame that "torn" document as a proud moment in my car's history!