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  1. Like many car shows, Macungie seems to have taken on a "cruise mentality" in the last 2 years. For any one who has been there in the past, Friday was always "variety show" day, where street rods/customs are welcome along side antiques, and all are parked as they arrive. This being the reason I no longer participate on Friday. Until 2 years ago Saturday followed modified AACA rules for vehicle placement. Granted Class 27 was becoming a fiasco encompassing years '54 - '90, but it was nice to see "Classic Chevies" in one area, Mustangs in another, Early Ford V-8's, Model A's etc. I overheard many car owners and spectators alike comment on the dislike of the current 4-era classification. It's just too "cruise-like". There were some early cars there, but you had to sort through all prewar to find them. Sunday is "Club Day" where marque clubs sponsor gatherings of club honored vehicle. You need not be a member to show your car, but you might just want to join. Lately it seems in some cases, less club presence and just a representative to park like vehicles. Aside from the few clubs recognizing prewar only, the showfield was dominated by '60's and '70's vehicles. Chevies were dominated by Camaros and Monte Carlos, with only 3 Stovebolt era cars. What a change from years ago. The Chysler area was mostly '60's B-body, only 1 prewar DeSoto. Again, cruise-like. The Chrysler 300 Feature was excellent, and Packards had a commendable turnout. But, 3 Hudsons, 4 Kaisers, and only 10 Studes! What happened? The registration form for Saturday and Sunday stipulates NO streetrods/customs as this is put on by an AACA region, but don't get me started on all the same aftermarket mag wheels and chrome valve covers present I see at the cruise nights. Don't get me wrong, I'm not bashing The Fescht. It was ALWAYS my favorite meet of the summer. But, sadly, I came away thinking next year's registration is not a given.
  2. Dave, seems the Crosley Club brought fewer vehicles this year. Vehicle registrations were down over all, especially Sunday, but still a good show. Was the Crosley Ford V-8/60 prototype legit?
  3. Just wondering about this new AACA non-geographical region, it's progress and popularity. The premise for starting this region is commendable. Anyone here a member or can relate how many members and activities so far. We never see anything about this region in the Antique Automobile magazine.
  4. Good luck everyone! Wish I was there. Someone, please post some photos.
  5. Some of you are missing my point altogether. I am in no way critical of AACA judging as a whole. As a matter of fact I appreciate their efforts and dedication! And thank them for it! A casual walk-around of the 2 vehicles I am referring to by an AACA judge should have put them into the 2nd or 3rd category, even before pointing them up, on condition alone. They were just not up to the standard of what we consider First Junior material. This is where I question the leniency of SOME judges.
  6. The "items" Mr. Burgess mentions brings up a good point. I am aware AACA judging frowns upon a variety of literature displayed in the trunk or interior area, possibly covering problem areas. Instead, have it available to answer any authenticity questions. Lately I've noticed more "stuff" the AACA does not consider appropriate for judging. like license frames and splash guards purchased at the local auto parts store, fuzzy dice, window decals not pertaining to a marque club for your car, and other "cruise night" goodies. One guy had all of his AACA trophies displayed in front of his car. I recall my first AACA show, I was told by my class neighbor to remove my after-market curb feelers. What does he know? Well, I didn't, and those curb feelers may have been the deduction that cost me a third. At a more recent Spring Meet, going for Repeat Preservation, the team capt. advised me to remove my Little Tree air freshener discreetly hanging from beneath my dash. Another fellow advised to remove his "car-hop" tray and huge billboard thanking his resto team. As we receive more new members, maybe a primer in the ANTIQUE AUTOMOBILE advising members as to what is is appropriate on the AACA show field, and what should be saved for the local cruise night. Those things can cost you a deduction.
  7. Sorry, I didn't mean HPOF is a waste of time. One of my cars is certified. Because of it's originality, did not fare well in class judging. The few vehicles I was referring to quite possibly would have achieved a First Junior as they appeared at Saturday's show. To me, First Junior trumps HPOF, if you can get it. Why not try there first? As to my other examples achieving a First Junior, I just feel they slipped by due to a lenient judging team. A second or third would seem more fitting. They are cars of merit in their own right, but parked next to a deserving First Junior would cause even a casual observer to scratch their head.
  8. As I was browsing the show field at Hershey this year, I was surprised (maybe appalled) at a few of the vehicles which received, according to the grille badge, a First Junior in 2013. A casual walk-around in less time than the judges would spend revealed a torn half-missing hood pad, rusted inner fender wells, and an engine that was barely steam-cleaned. I didn't even look at the under carriage. I'm pretty sure the elder gent who owned this '80's vehicle was elated to receive the award last year. And as I read this year's result, believe this vehicle received a SENIOR! Another early postwar vehicle 2013 Junior Award appeared totally original with patina to the max. Road-rash, scratches, and weather stripping so brittle, some had stuck to the opposing metal surface. Both of these vehicles are prime HPOF candidates. How can you explain to the guy who spent countless hours and $$ to restore (I didn't say over-restore) his vehicle, cars like these examples can receive the same award? And, yes I do understand the minimum points required and the 10 point spread for the First Junior Award. Doesn't condition and authenticity go hand-in hand? What struck me later, while wandering HPOF, were several "modern antiques" which were SO NICE, they were wasting their time in that class! Each would have stood-up well to the restored cars in their respective judged class.
  9. Great shots, thanks for posting. You even shot one of my car! Always enjoy Strausstown, especially the AACA Senior cars. I have only missed 1 since 1980, that Sunday was a wash-out.
  10. Cutlasguy, thanks for the photos. I was wondering what this meet was like for the Olds Club. Glad to see most were stock, and even better to see some "early" pre-'60's cars also in attendance. Which one was yours? BTW, that one "sure didn't look like a Buick!" Yeah, it was a nice Studebaker.
  11. Keith, I've been following your unfortunate thread. Glad you chose to adopt another beautiful Reatta. Isn't that your Centurion in the second photo taken at the cruise?
  12. Well, I did find the photos by going thru the Chrysler link. Looks like a good turn-out, but with the typical muscle and modern muscle. I miss the days when the majority of the vehicles were stock pre-'60. Thanks for posting.
  13. Sorry, link doesn't work. I really want to see your photos of the Scranton Show. I had planned on driving up modern Sunday, but after adding-up gas and TP tolls for the 2 hour drive expecting to see too many muscle cars and modifieds, I elected to stay home and wax that modern car. I want to see what I missed.
  14. I hope you're not disappointed. The school campus, while a nice venue, continues to build and the grounds have become too small for the amount of cars they wish to accommodate. I have shown my cars there for several years, and then stopped. Last year I attended as a spectator. While some classes are large and became mixed into one another, others had but 1 entrant. Like I said, hope you're not disappointed. Give us a report after the show.
  15. I haven't been to this show for several years. Really enjoyed it when it was @ Marywood College. How many show cars do you typically expect these days? My last attendance saw an increase in modified cars. Perhaps that, and the 2+ hour drive is why I stopped attending, although may come as a spectator this year.
  16. Oh, didn't know he sold out. I had seen pictures of an earlier meet, and it looked larger than I had anticipated. Thought I'd check it out this year, guess not. Dave, thanks for your reply.
  17. Is there a Model A meet this year at Gene Renninger's in Bird-in-Hand, Pa. What is the date?
  18. Keep in mind, non-authentic items or areas only require recommended point deductions, not disqualification. A vehicle only requires a minimum of 365 points for a 1st Junior, 375 for Senior, plus the application of the 10 point rule. The necessary point deductions of an otherwise worthy vehicle may have allowed that vehicle on that particular day at that particular meet to receive the desired award. Had another more authentic entrant been in the class that day, said vehicle may have only received a 2nd or 3rd place, or no award at all. It's how the system works, or sometimes doesn't. Two beautiful trucks at Hershey this past year received 1st Juniors. One had (I assume) aftermarket running boards, while the second an aftermarket (again assuming) bed liner. IF the required deductions were taken, apparently it was not enough to prohibit the Junior Awards. Again, it's how the system works. I personally would have shown these trucks without these items and risking deductions. Going back to the beginning of this thread, choosing "incorrect" tires for an otherwise worthy vehicle may or should result in deductions, but may not mean missing the desired award.
  19. Always look forward to new Judging Guidelines, especially any class adjustments. Hoping the VW owners embrace this class. As for unrestored racecars, will they be point-judged or evaluated HPOF-style? Nice addition to this category! As for class 36, I was referring to any new models considered, not additional categories.
  20. Other than the addition of YOM 1989 vehicles to their appropriate classes, are there any changes to existing judging classes or new classes being added? Does the VW-specific class begin in 2014, or was that just a rumor? Any additions to class 36 divisions?
  21. Click on AACA Library at the top of this forums page to get started.
  22. And there you have it, Dan. You say you want to enjoy this car. All this discussion tends to take the FUN out of it. Proudly display the 1st Junior. Time will tell if your Caddy can achieve Senior status. Hopefully it will. At the next AACA meet you may be the only car in your class going for Senior and the 10 point rule will not apply. You know your original car scored the minimum of 365 for the Junior. Will the judging team that day determine you achieve at least the 375 needed? Only time will tell. You may find yourself climbing all the way to Grand National Senior competition. I know of some low mileage UNRESTORED cars in my area with REPEAT Senior Grand Nationals. The car itself is the BEST trophy, now sit back and ENJOY THE RIDE!
  23. But, remember ALL of those going for Senior and better than 2/3's of those going for 1st Junior. Find out where your deductions were by requesting your Hershey judging sheet and correct those areas while still maintaining that factory originality. It's in the details. It'll be tricky, but you CAN compete!
  24. Check the club store. You can purchase either a vertical or horizontal brass mount to first mount the Junior oval, then attach both to the vehicle (some this to the grille). The alternative is to use a backer plate of some sort with long bolts and sandwich it directly to the grille. Maybe these mounts are what you refer to. Before my car received, or even competed for a Junior, I would examine other AACA winning cars and imagine how I would someday mount mine. I simply sandwiched it onto the grille.