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  1. Steve, this is good news! Any idea of a timeline for availability of additional info and registration materials. What about registration deadline, the usual August 15th(?) is fast approaching.
  2. I sent my registration early-on, and to date my check has not been cashed. Also my stamped envelope has not been returned with registration confirmation. Is this due to headquarters shut-down?
  3. Steve, there is no doubt the Chesapeake Region put a great deal of effort and finances to put on this exceptional Meet. I applaud them. The venue and cars were simply outstanding! Unfortunately, I was only able to attend the show, missing any tours and gatherings. The magnet-plaque was just a surprise to me, but it will join all of the other AACA Spring Meet plaques in my large frame representing one of the finest I've attended over the past 25 years.
  4. I agree, great show. This complex has become popular with many car club events and is a great venue. The cars were indeed at a high level of quality. One question though, when did it become acceptable for AACA Meet dash plaques to be cheap refrigerator magnets? Is this to be the new norm?
  5. I felt the HPOF class was better with the 35 year cut-off imposed several years ago. Prior to that it was initially 45 years old. A survivor of 35 or 45 years in remarkable condition is, well, more remarkable than one of 25 years. But that ship has sailed. Having said that, there were some original 25 to 30 year old vehicles displayed at Hershey in HPOF that were very remarkable indeed. The S-10 pick-up that is the initial subject of this thread being one of them and very deserving of the HPOF badge it received. And that is as it should be. My "rub" shall we say, are the late
  6. I was under the impression Class 39 was display only. The lone entrant is listed as receiving a First Junior.
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