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  1. Sorry about that...I was referring to the sound quality. I didn't know that there was such a thing as "fuzzy" speakers on these cars. Learn something every day.
  2. Thanks for the info. Appreciate it!
  3. Does anyone know what size the replacement speakers would need to be? Like the other poster, never mind about the 3" dash speakers. (I have no desire to remove the dash) I just need to update/replace my existing door/rear speakers. Just in the planning stage and want to do some pricing.
  4. I always understood it to stand for Touring Convertible...
  5. If you'd like to add my TC to the list: Sorry don't have the build date handy... [TABLE=class: cms_table] <TBODY>[TR=bgcolor: #000000] [TH=align: left]Year[/TH] [TH=align: left]Build Date[/TH] [TH=align: left]VIN last 6[/TH] [TH=align: left]color, body/interior/soft top[/TH] [TH=align: left]Engine [/TH] [TH=align: left]Transmission[/TH] [TH=align: left]Factory CD[/TH] [TH=align: left]Woodgrain [/TH] [TH=align: left]Fuzzy speakers[/TH] [TH=align: left]'built for' plaque number[/TH] [/TR] </TBODY>[/TABLE] 1990 206478 white/black/black V6 Auto o/d No Yes Yes No Thanks, Donald Frantz Apex, NC
  6. Well as long as we're on the subject. Wait until your garage overhead shelving collapses on the back end of the car and the stuff in the overhead falls. Have several dings on the right rear now. As they say "Stuff" happens...
  7. I've got one here that's been in the classifieds on here in NC for some time now and it's pretty rough, interior and paintwise, and he wants $14K for it. I saw the car a couple of years ago. The body was straight and it was on the road but would definitely need paint and interior work and who knows what else. Pretty healthy price for something not in pristine condition.:mad:
  8. Mad Bohemian thanks for the reply, but I had read this post. I was hoping for more information as to speaker sizes and what headunit adapter might have been used. Crutchfield is good but they haven't researched the TC so don't have much information.
  9. I've done some searching for "radio" and aftermarket radio but didn't find what I wanted here on the forum. Has anyone installed something like a single din Kenwood or something similar in their TC? I know it's supposed to be 1.5 din and I was wondering where other owners had purchased the adapters? Any help or pictures of aftermarket installs would be helpful. I have a fairly new (1 year old) Kenwood I took out of my Explorer before I sold it and would like to redo the speakers (mostly shot) and install the Kenwood in the TC.
  10. Appreciate the help Bob! I'll check it out...
  11. Just wanted to say that Mark is a heck of a guy to do business with! Bought the 3rd brake light from him and had it at my home in just a few days. Thanks Mark!
  12. So I don't have to remove the door panel...great! Does the wood panel just pop out giving me access to the switch and wiring? Appreciate the help!
  13. Passenger side power lock switch doesn't activate the locks. Locks are working as the drivers side switch locks the doors. I want to get to the switch and check it out. Or might it be something besides the switch like a relay somewhere? Do I have to pull off the door panel (and how big a deal is that?) or is the wood panel in the armrest removable?? Any tips or tricks? It's not a huge deal but I would like everything to work...
  14. I just looked...still no TC pictures but there was a picture of an Izetta. Pretty much the first "Smartcar"... I remember them from the '60's and they don't look much better now. LOL!