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  1. Hi there- No, I am missing those parts also. I am not sure what I am going to do as I move forward- I am hoping I have a line on another one that is more complete. We will see. Cheers- Joe
  2. Thank you once again for your help and guidance! I am going to take a little time and do some more research before moving forward. I also need to do some work on my shop area to get it ready for the project to come. I am in no hurry - just want to take my time and use this as a family project to bond with my teens and more importantly build some memories and have something to show for it. I will keep posting as I move forward for sure! Regards, Joe
  3. Stude8, Your response has been very kind and I appreciate your help. Now to get the titles corrected to reflect what they really are. I look forward to many more postings and hopefully such positive responses much like yours. I just decided to jump into the deep end of the lake and had never considered doing something like this until recently so luckily I can tread water. I guess I will have to start attending flea markets and begin researching and looking and digging… again that seems like all part of the fun for this type of thing. So I guess now the question is which car to start on- I am leaning toward starting work on the restoration of the 1926 ER. Once again thanks to you and all who have responded to this posting! Cheers and Happy Motoring! Joe
  4. Thanks for the information and the help. I am hoping to have a positive identification of the cars by the end of the week. You would think this would be the easy task- unfortunatly I have been unable to find a solid, acurrate resource to identify the serial number ranges and engine types to confirm what I have. Cheers! Joe
  5. Thanks Stude8- the whole car in the picture is the one with the second serial number 1303532- I believe this to be the 1926 ER Standard 6 as Chris mentioned. The car in pices in the last picture is the 1927 EW as Chris mentioned. 4002781 - I believed this to be a 1928 GB Commander. It is a 4 Door sedan and resembles the picture you posted previously when layed out. So can you Confirm the first and break the tie on the second-? I greatly appriciate the help! Joe
  6. Thanks- it helps but now also confuses- The car I thought I had correct is not. But at least I know that I have the second car confirmed! I hope others will chime in and assist in clearing this up. BTW, What list are you going off of. I have a list but also doubt its accuracy. Thank you greatly for your help! Joe
  7. Greetings all, My story- skip this part if you want! I recently came across what I thought was a great deal while looking for a family project car to restore. I found for sale what was listed as a 1927 Studebaker Commander. Having very little experience and just going with my gut instinct I thought why not it should be fun! Well I have had a wonderful time researching but before I start anything I want to positively identify the cars. You will note that I posted Cars! When I went to purchase the listed car, there was another car, already in disassembly stored next to it with some paint work, etc already completed! The thought was that one car had been purchased to provide parts for the other. I ended up buying both cars and several containers and boxes of Studebaker parts for $1500.00. I was not sure but- felt that I had made a good deal! Upon return home with my treasures and having started the long process of inventory of all the parts that where included, they filled a trailer, two pickups and a car hauler. I am now here posting for help. I believe based upon my research,the titles are incorrect! They list the cars as a 1927 Commander and a 1922 4 Door Sedan The first serial number is 4002781 - I believe this to be a 1928 GB Commander The second serial number is 1303532- I believe this to be a 1926 ER Standard 6 The serial number from the firewall of the seciond vehicle is 25942 I have several numbers from the engines, straight 6's, but have not been able to determine which are correct for identification. I don't think they are correct as I expected to find something that starts with GB or ER. Attached are some pictures for clarity. Any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated! Cheers and happy motoring! Joe
  8. Greetings Tevel, I am glad I read this posting- I just purchased a 1925 Studebaker Standard Six. Its not in great condition at all- sitting in a shed in the rain of the Pacific North West (Washington State). I would love to see some pictures of yours so I can have a starting point! Cheers and happy hunting! Joe
  9. Let me know if you have any luck here- I am in the same boat. If I find any I will certainly keep you in the loop too- Cheers!
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