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  1. Does any one have a wiring diagram for a 90 tc with 3.0litre v6? Need it to get the radio, mirrors, and courtesy lights on. Also to clean up the rats nest under the hood.
  2. fuses all seem good. The mirrors, interior lights, and radio are all out. Sure hate to go on a fix or destroy without a wiring diagram.
  3. Hey, this helped me a lot. I took it apart, left the rivets alone, I soldered on another short wire to reconnect everything around the rivets. Works great.
  4. Hey, I hit a bad bump and the radio AND the power mirror stopped working, I cant find a wiring diagram. I looked around a bit a dont see anything wrong yet, Where would you start?
  5. Hey out there, I am enjoying a 1990 tc EXCEPT the electric servo tevis master cylinder. Has any one replaced theirs with a simple vacuum master cylinder from something common like a plymouth breeze or mini van? I don't mind giving up the anti-lock, I am a sensible driver, use the car in a small town commuting, am a good mechanic. The replacement parts are just too high, I want some thing I can get at a local parts store. Just trying to be practical. I can make up the brake lines. After all my other rides are plain: '94 park ave 190k, 95 civic 4 door 240k, 90 nissan hardbody stick four no frills 120k Best to y'all
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