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  1. Sometimes the light will stay on, even while cruising along at like, 40 or 50. Other times it won't. Not sure what it is but right now I'm just grateful she's up and running smooth again. Thank you very much, De Soto Frank. Fowlcoon: We did that while we had some down time after accidently kinking the line from the fuel pump to the carburetor. While one was bending the new line the other was cleaning and regapping the spark plugs. (It was during that time that the coil was being ground on the fuel pump) When I first bought the Falcon on April 1st, the first couple things I did was a tune-up and an oil change... So I didn't think that logically we would need to clean them off, but they were filthy!! Starting to think we need an upper end rebuild now, too. *sigh* Getting there slowly but surely.
  2. I was going to take my white 1965 Falcon there, but I don't think that's the best of ideas just yet so I'll probably be just observing this years show. This whole week if it's not too crowded or poor weather I might go up in the Falcon throughout the week until the day of WDC. I'll probably be up at Woodward cruising around just to enjoy it whether the Falcon wants to run smoothly or not. (If not, I'll be in my red '99 Jeep Cherokee Classic) I hope to see ya there. I usually don't stop, I just drive to drive. As for 'our' police... Well, if it was my choice they wouldn't be ours. They're rude and inconsiderate. You can have 'em. Lets swap police. lol I know the police are usually really rude, but most of the people I know in RO hate WDC so chances are they're all rubbing off on the local police. Not to mention, they're always looking for a new bust so they can get more money in their pockets whether it's a cheap trick or not. Sorry if you've had to have a run-in with them. The only thing I can think or recommend is that you keep your head down, mouth shut and rubber on your tires when in Royal Oak because I've seen a lot of people get in trouble for doing absolutely nothing. At least if you're doing no wrong you might be able to fight it in court if it comes to that...
  3. I know I said I would update you guys and let you know what happened... But after everything going on we called an early night. Currently, we have replaced the fuel pump, fuel filter and the metal line leading from the fuel pump to the carburetor because it was so rusty that the brass fitting on the line was rusted onto the line itself. We see no sign of rust, so have left the gas tank alone entirely. Trying to start her up now and she just repeatedly turns over with no true start. At this point we've removed the spark plugs and began cleaning them out and also in hopes of the engine clearing out just in case we flooded it, but otherwise we cannot figure out why she won't fire up. I read about checking the vacuum advance but I'm not sure how to check that or the sock on the fuel pickup in the tank... We're thinking about the carburetor next, but she was at least running before and since replacing the fuel pump, filter and line she won't start at all. Any ideas? EDIT: Scratch that. A friend's dad happened to drop in. I never knew he knew cars so well and he managed to give a fresh pair of eyes. The coil was being ground on the fuel pump so it wasn't sparking. We shifted the coil and she fired up. She drives like a champ now, but occasionally the ALT light flickers on and she still sputters a bit which we're told is a timing problem... So our next mission is rebuilding the carburetor and fixing the timing. Thank you very much for all of your help!!!
  4. Thank you very, very much. I appreciate all the help! We managed to track down a fuel pump today and it should be in tomorrow (seeing as she did sit 3-4 years, it won't hurt and it was only about $30 bucks) and we'll probably be installing that tomorrow. I suppose my head was too into the project to stop and consider that rust could have gotten in the gas tank so I'll probably start the day off draining the gas tank and checking for rust, then I'll replace the fuel pump and fuel filter. Hopefully I don't need to go much further then that. Thank you very much, Robin Coleman. I haven't seen any fuel leaks so I don't believe it to be the fuel line. I guess once I'm done replacing all that tomorrow I'll see how it goes. Thank you tcang, I'll be sure to check both of those before I move on to the carburetor (which I am completely dreading if and when I must rebuild).
  5. Oooh... I wish I was there for that! Gorgeous cars set on lovely plot of land. Thank you so much for posting!!
  6. I don't know if this is the right place to post this, but I was just wondering how many people from this forum will be present at the Woodward Dream Cruise in Michigan. The Woodward Dream Cruise > Home If you're going it'd be cool to know/see what kind of car(s) you're intending to cruise or park somewhere on Woodward in. Look forward to seeing you all there! Amber
  7. The man before me got the Falcon from someone he knew whose relation to him escapes me, but she sat in a garage for 3-4 years. He started driving her in '09 and drove her for some months before selling to me in April. Until these past 3 weeks or so she ran like a champ which is what's confusing me. She's sat 3-4 years and ran about 1 year afterwards before this problem. The fuel filter looks new to me but I don't know about the fuel pump and the carbuerator has a couple small pieces loose but nothing serious.
  8. Oh where to start? I guess from the beginning. Back when I got my little '93 Toyota pickup (stick and very first car, mind you) I only had my permit. Mother dearest tells me the gas is on the right, clutch is in the middle and brake is on the left. See the problem here? Only having illegally (without a license) driven her automatic minivan at that point, all I could do was listen to her. I managed to start the car because she told be to keep my feet on brake and clutch. Then she tells me to take my feet off of the pedals gradually and move forward. When the truck started sputtering out she stood there screaming BRAKE BRAKE BRAKE meanwhile, I'm stomping the clutch because of her wrong directions. The truck dented and half-knocked down the garage door when it lurched forward. As if that wasn't enough, she told me to try again and back the car up. It went okay until her poor driving lesson had me stomping the clutch again and I jumped the car into the side of the house. With a wooden flat bed on the Toyota, the wood took out a decent chunk length-wise along the house. Double whoops. Did we say a word? Nope. Did my dad find out? He noticed about a month later. What did we say? "Huh... I wonder how that happened..." To top it off, I did my first oil change on that truck. It went so well I forgot about the oil pan and ran it over in the garage and spilled every last drop. I'm still talking about my 1993 Toyota pickup with a wooden bed. My father hates 'rice burners' and almost any non-classic American muscle. Did I tell him the Toyota he wants me to junk trashed his garage? (well, again?) No. Not even to this day. What he doesn't know won't hurt him and I cleaned it up good enough.
  9. Wow... I'm glad you're safe and sound! Sorry to hear about that, that really is horrible. My father had an incident similar. He's a mechanic and has been around cars his whole life. He crawled underneath my mom's old Shadow and kept getting a bad feeling about it. Finally he slid out and no sooner then his head came out from under that car it came crashing down. Everyone needs to be careful doing those things. Me personally, I will never crawl under a car that isn't firmly on the ground or on a 4 post hydraulic lift because of that story. Again, I am glad to know you're okay. God bless you and stay safe, Amber Mansfield
  10. I recently got a 1965 Ford Falcon 4 door. We drove her from Fort Gratiot down near Detroit in April 2010. For those unaware, about an hour and a half drive with no problems. Now she keeps making a sputtering want-to-stall sound. When I hit the gas it only gets louder with longer gaps in the sputtering and will occasionally make her stall out entirely. When looking at the temperature it's at about halfway, but the fuel gauge is slightly off so the temperature gauge could be as well. Our first thought was either a charging problem or an overheating problem. To remove the story of why we ended up doing such, just trust we needed to replace these parts. We have replaced the alternator, voltage regulator and wiring (which were tested after and appear to be running smoothly), radiator, water pump and the idle has been played with, if it's turned a half turn back or quarter forward she starts to stall. She's still sputtering and we have a couple of options left and are stumped where to begin. If anyone could recommend where to begin or what else it could be, please do help. We're intending to start ASAP. Thus far between our intuition and other people's opinions it could be vacuum system failure (how can WE test for that without a mechanic?), fuel pump, carbuerator, thermostat, fuel filter or timing could be off. We know she needs an exhaust system but as of now we're not certain that could be causing stalling, could it? Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you very much, Amber Mansfield