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  1. Nice pair 35-36 DeSoto Fender Skirts. I am not positive if these are for the Airflow or Airstream. Both emblems are intact and in decent condition for their age. They also have the trim! One skirt has a light crease, should straighten out fine. They measure 33" wide and 17 1/2" deep at center. Hardware is intact but will probably need loosening $995 plus shipping We ship worldwide
  2. Sorry, I never received notice of this question. If you still have an interest, these measure 31 1/8" wide and 16 1/2" tall at center
  3. Thanks, Joe. I realized that last night too. Oh well. Still fun parts. And I learned something new in the process.
  4. Looks like they might be "98" 4-door!
  5. That was my confusion as well. They do look longer than those 4-door spears. But the ends are capped so they wouldn't fit into the longer spears. I haven't been able to find even a picture of ones like them Hence, the frustration.
  6. These spears are NOS with a part number but I can't find the P/N anywhere. Can anyone help identify the exact model & year? They measure 28 3/4" long Thanks in advance Karen
  7. Is there a difference in size between the 1948 Buick Super 2-door and 4-door models? I have a pair of 48 Super/Roadmaster fender skirts but I'm not sure if they are 2-dr, 4-dr or if there was a difference. Can anyone help with this? Thanks in advance Karen
  8. Pair of 1934 Skirts. I am not positive if the emblems are Chrysler or DeSoto. Both emblems intact. Have some speckling and flaking The skirts pretty straight and in good shape. One is missing the chrome strip The other strip has been painted over. Looks decent from where the paint's flaked off Trim has a few dings Hardware is mostly there, will need new springs Regardless, hard to find parts. Asking $1,200
  9. So does anyone know if there was a difference in size between the '34 & '35 DeSoto Skirts? Thanks Karen
  10. I have a Pair of Super Rare NOS Accessory Stainless Ventshades. These are original aftermarket accessories, designed to fit: 1954 Buick Special, Century, Riviera Hardtop In very nice condition, may have some minor scrapes or scratches from shelf life. One has a tiny pin-sized ding. Part# HT-31, they measure 59 3/4" long approx 3" wide. A rare find in any condition! Asking $299 Located in Warrensburg, MO - I ship worldwide. I'd be happy to answer any questions.
  11. I'm hoping someone can tell me what make and year. They look late 30's early 40's. I know I've seen them before but not sure if they were aftermarket or OEM accessories. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  12. yes, unfortunately I do not have another, I always wished I had kept that one for my collection. I will keep an eye our for one for you though!
  13. I loved that piece! Trouble is when you get cool stuff it is sometimes hard to part with it!