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  1. Pair of 1934 Skirts. I am not positive if the emblems are Chrysler or DeSoto. Both emblems intact. Have some speckling and flaking The skirts pretty straight and in good shape. One is missing the chrome strip The other strip has been painted over. Looks decent from where the paint's flaked off Trim has a few dings Hardware is mostly there, will need new springs Regardless, hard to find parts. Asking $1,200
  2. So does anyone know if there was a difference in size between the '34 & '35 DeSoto Skirts? Thanks Karen
  3. I have a Pair of Super Rare NOS Accessory Stainless Ventshades. These are original aftermarket accessories, designed to fit: 1954 Buick Special, Century, Riviera Hardtop In very nice condition, may have some minor scrapes or scratches from shelf life. One has a tiny pin-sized ding. Part# HT-31, they measure 59 3/4" long approx 3" wide. A rare find in any condition! Asking $299 Located in Warrensburg, MO - I ship worldwide. I'd be happy to answer any questions.
  4. I'm hoping someone can tell me what make and year. They look late 30's early 40's. I know I've seen them before but not sure if they were aftermarket or OEM accessories. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  5. yes, unfortunately I do not have another, I always wished I had kept that one for my collection. I will keep an eye our for one for you though!
  6. I loved that piece! Trouble is when you get cool stuff it is sometimes hard to part with it!
  7. Thanks Guys! We try to deal in the Hard-to-find stuff!
  8. I admit that is really close, I Googled the ornament and there are some serious similarities, but the one thing that is different is the "snub nose" on mine. See comparison: WOW! Just looked again and you had it! 1938 Thank you!!!!!!!!!
  9. Hoping someone can help me with this piece. i cannot find the part number anywhere, Part # is 86R-16624. Looks like possibly a truck hood latch/ornament? Any help appreciated.
  10. I have a set of Front (do not have the rears.) They have been replated and are pretty nice Let me know if interested I can send pictures Thanks! Karen @ Loupeestuff