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  1. Have an original radiator, does leak a little bit, needs to be recored. Have all the cross members from the frame Hood sides, very straight and solid Gas tank, no leaks, very solid, with cap and level indicator Open to offers Call 757-358-1130
  2. I purchased a 29 Chevrolet 2 door. I will be selling the original solid steel rims, motor, transmission, driveshaft, front and rear axle assemblies. Not sure what size the motor is or if it turns over yet, I will have to see. I am open to offers. Im located in Charleston SC
  3. there is no steel back on them. Just some rubber tabs that stick out. I havent opened the sealed one. feels the same as the other, just a piece of black rubber with tabs.
  4. Brand new in the original General Motors genuine parts paper envelopes. They were in my 26 Buick when I bought it. Not sure if they are for my car though. There are 2 packages, one says Part No. 3664884 and the other is 3664883. Someone wrote RH 42-48 on one and LH 42-48 on the other (assuming that is the year and side they fit on. Only one package is open and the fender shield in very pliable and still glossy black rubber. Im open to offers. You can also call me at 757-358-1130 if you like.
  5. Im actually from Dubuque Ia which is about 5 hours from you. Im heading back there tomorrow. If you are really interested, give me a call at 757-358-1130
  6. Thanks for the pages from the shop manual. Can you also send the vaccuum tank inspection from the shop manual? Where can I get a caopy of the Shop Manual?
  7. I would be willing to take around $7000 for it. What do you think?
  8. Why will it only start on starting fluid?
  9. Yes, the fuel may not be running correctly from the vaccuum tank. I am going to remove the cover from the float and watch while it is running.Any other suggestions?
  10. Thanks for the info. Do you have any schematics on which jets are which and how to measure them? And how to measure the float?
  11. I have had the air valve out and there was no gum at all. The spring is fine and I checked the operation, which was smooth. I will try to adjust the air valve in more. im just not sure where and how the float should be adjusted to. Also what else needs to be adjusted........
  12. I have a 26 Buick Standard, believe it is a brass bowl. I would greatly appreciate any info you have on it. I opened it up and cleaned it out and replaced all the gaskets. Im not sure what adjustments to check......
  13. I have tried to find some info, but have not had any luck. So, how do I raise the float? Where is the main jet? Im not too familiar with the updraft carb. Adjusting the fuel mixture screw wont help enough? I dont want to drill a hole in the jet.....
  14. My 26 Buick has a Marvel updraft carb. Anyone have literature on it? What adjustments to make, settings?
  15. There is no smoke when it is running. The plugs are dry, have some black carbon deposit, they are new plugs. I set the fuel mixture knob one turn open and the air knob screw head bottom flush with the end of the tab. Ive tried adjusting the fuel some and it will pop a little bit and die. When I opened the carb, I didnt adjust anything inside. What else should I try?
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