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  1. All parts are sold!! I had a local TC owner come snatch everything up!! Thanks guys!
  2. Hey guys, First let me say that I am not on here much, so please no PM's. Email is the best way to contact me. sy2206 "at" yahoo "d0t" com. I've got a just a few items left from the TC I parted out, and they need to go. Here's what I've got: Rear trunk reflector, with stainless trim and Maserati emblem (emblem is not attached, but does come with it, it'll just need to be stuck back on with some fresh adhesive tape) Set of stainless trim that goes on the trunk reflector. Second set, not the same as above. These are in very good shape. Gauge cluster. Shows 58,xxx on the cluster, but I d
  3. Hey Guys/Gals, I've got a nice pair of used radiator hoses removed from a 52k mile 16v TC. Looking for $75 shipped in the lower 48. Email is thje best way to contact me, no PM's please. sy2206@yahoo.com
  4. Time to get rid of a couple more items... Excellent condition black airbag for a 90-91 Maserati TC. First $100 takes it and that includes shipping within the lower 48 states. This is removed from the car and ready to go. I've seen these usually go for $200-500. (Picts coming soon). Black center console armrest. Not mint, but close too. This is in very good condition. This is also removed from the car and ready to ship. $100 shipped in the lower 48 states. Or buy both for $175 shipped... EMAIL works best, I'm not on here much, so PM's arent very effective. sy2206@yahoo.com
  5. PRICES ARE REDUCED!! I need to get rid of this stuff. Let me know what parts you're looking for. Also, if someone is interested in a rust free rolling chassis with clean title, let me know!! E-mails come right to my phone, so I can usually reply quickly. sy2206@yahoo.com I know sometimes these threads are hard to follow, so here's a quick rundown of parts that are already sold and are not available: Complete front clip(hood, fenders, front head lights and corner lights, grille), Both front and rear bumpers, Wheels, Pass side tail light, Seats, Radio, gauge cluster bezel, shifter/cables, fl
  6. I've got a pretty decent black one. I know you have ginger interior, but there are definitley multi colors in the interior, maybe it wouldn't look too out of place. Picts are on page 1 of my partout thread. $65.
  7. Pass headlight and complete rear bumper assembly are sold. Anyone need anything else? Once the snow flys it'll be tough to get parts off until spring... Let me know! sy2206@yahoo.com
  8. Left headlight(drivers side) and top pull down relay are sold.
  9. The vacuum diagram decal is on the wiper cowl, on the drivers side, right above the brake booster/pump assembly. I have a wiper cowl from a 90 16v car with the decal on it. Email me if you're interested... sy2206@yahoo.com
  10. You're exactly right. The parts I make at work, we make by the THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS. So for them to stop production on those, and make me 30 thermostat housings, the company is not interested. I work for a shop that does production machining, high quantity stuff. I'm looking into a couple local job shops, that do small runs of custom parts. Those are the guys I need to talk to... I'll keep you guys informed.
  11. Hey guys, Todd and I have talked about these thermostat housing covers for some time now. I talked to my boss about making them(I'm a CNC machinist), but it's something they're not really interested in doing. We're VERY busy at work, and are taking on a lot of new projects/parts, many of which are very profitable for the company. So needless to say, little side projects are not going to happen anytime soon. So I'm looking into other options...
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