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  1. so today at work a customer of TBC calls us from Oregon and tells us his Chevy won 1st place in a car show and that the judges said it was the chrome finish on it that made the difference.!!! yeah buddy, now im working on his HUDSON..
  2. oh sorry, about the late repy, um yeah the owner is MIA, he dissapeard and never was able to get ahold of him and its been sitting here for years now, so it be best to sell it, heres a foto of it on my facebook Ricardo Jere Delatorre's Photos | Facebook edelbrock Small Block Chevy street Tunnel Ram
  3. so i hope i got it down on how to show picks on these threads if not email me at and ill send you the pictures. this is an edelbrock thats been sitting in my shop for over half a decade so i figure the customer who left it here doesnt mind me selling it. so take a look, maybe you know exaclty what it is, its nicely polished but like i said its been sitting here collecting dust for a long time, probably can use some touch ups... if you like that part, make me an offer i have no use for it, thanyou. -Ricardo delatorre Jr The best chrome (408) 686-1104 13165 monterey road san martin, ca. 95046
  4. i got a pair of 1956 chevy rap arounds nicely rechromed that ive had sitting here in my shop for many years, anyone interested in buying them or interested in getting some chrome work done? -Ricardo De La Torre Jr The Best Chrome 13165 Monterey Road P.O.Box 1126 San Martin, Ca. 95046 tel: 408-686-1104 fax: 408-686-1207 you can also email us pictures for quotes!
  5. hi im currently looking for a 1962 Buick Special Trunk "tri-shield" emblem. Im going to chrome it so the condition of it isnt of most importance, but if you or anyone you know has one and is willing to sell/trade it please contact me at : thank you for your time -Ricardo De La Torre Jr The Best Chrome 13165 Monterey Road P.O.Box 1126 San Martin, Ca. 95046