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  1. Hi guys,i live in the North east of the uk !i have 2 old american cars,1st one is a 1965 Buick le sabre-the other(which i have owned for over 20 years)is a 58 oldsmobile rocket super 88 convertible!i was just wondering if there are any aaca members that could let me know what sort of value these cars have on todays market- in the usa-the two cars are in good condition and both have lpg conversions!i am not 100 percent sure if i want to sell the cars but any info would be appreciated
  2. Hi,how much would you need for the front grill,also fron,t leading edge hood trim-the part that says Buick-also would you be ok to ups these items to uk?
  3. Hi,i am writing this letter on a bit of a long shot!having only recently joined the aaca i was wondering how to go about trying to trace the history of my vehicles!my 1st vehicle is a 1958 oldsmobile s88 convertible-i have owned this car for 16 years now after having spent the first 3 years restoring it-the reason i am posting this to the aaca is -i am based in north east england!-my oldsmobile is thought to have been brought over here late 50s-early 60s by a us serviceman based at RAF lakenheath-the car was blue (later painted white)and with a blue white interior and the uk licence plate is
  4. Hi randy,just read about your problem and just had to respond,in the 70s my father had the exact same car and the exact same problem as you have,he done everything to that car to try to stop it overheating-he even put in a new crate motor(army surplus from a tank)and it still overheated exactly as you described-at this stage he had already checked the rad for flow and he thought it was fine-but as the problem was driving him insane he decided to put the rad into a local radiator repair shop-the outcome when they took the rad tanks off was 90 percent of the tubes were blocked solid-after a rad
  5. Hi ed,congratulations on owning such a fine machine!did you restore your car?if so looks like you done a fine job on that one-my olds was a complete wreck when i bought it-it had been in storage for years after having its original motor removed for a stock car!fortunately i found another low milage 371 motor to install!you can see video footage of my car on youtube before resto and after-also a video of one of my bikes-check it out-if you print in 58 olds you should find it-my name on youtube is (brianstretchycable)best regards BRIAN
  6. Hi moepar and thanks for your kind words!i had been looking for a 65 buick for quite some years here in the uk-i have memories from early 70s of my father owning a 65 wildcat-so when i got the chance of my 65 le sabre there was no holding me back!my father used to run his own garage back then and he had a different american car every week-so before i even got to the age of maybe 6 or 7 years old i had been in all kinds of fantastic american cars ranging from 1930s buicks to 50s caddy,s ,so it is really his fault that i have such a love of american cars(and bikes)best regards BRIAN (from rainy
  7. Hi dave,yeah i suppose the problem works both ways,i suppose it wouldn,t be so bad in the uk if our wonderfull british government would not insist on taxing us to death on everything we do(i think they would tax the air we breathe if they could)best regards BRIAN
  8. HEY TED in sunny florida-thanks for your kind words!best regards BRIAN
  9. Hi don,thanks for your kind comments,talk about nice looking cars-your vehicles also look very nice!regarding restoring older american car,s over here -it is a bit of a task-especially getting all the chrome parts sorted-i have spent a fortune on chrome plating over the year,s and it never quite seems to be up to gm standard-another problem over here is the great british weather(which is not so great)and ofcoarse the ridiculous cost of fuel now in the uk£1.20 per litre-don,t help much!i have now opted for lpg conversions on my cars wich runs at 59pence per litre!but i suppose if you have a lov
  10. Hi to all in aaca,having just became a member of aaca-and not being the greatest with computers i am just finding my way around the site(took me half an hour to find the "new thread" box!)i live in newcastle-north east england and at the moment have 2 old american cars-1 of which the 1958 olds convertible -i have owned this car for 16 years-took me 3 years to restore the car!(not many 58 olds parts around in the uk)and the other car which i have just aquired (from alabama)is a 1965 buick le sabre 2dr coupe,there are 2 other cars in my uploaded pic,s-the 58 caddy has now been sold-and the linc
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