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  1. I sent out my carburetor for rebuild. After installing I am having a problem with the idle. All ignition components have been replaced. I have to pull the throttle knob on the dashboard pretty far out to keep the car running. The idle screw is all the way in and I have played with the mixture screw. At the bottom of the carb is a small L shaped rod with threads on it. Does this have to be altered or should I leave this alone.
  2. I am looking for the correct hood ornament for a 1931 Chevrolet. It must have tabs to lock in to radiator. Thanks Kevin.
  3. The other Chrysler I am restoring is a 1931 Chrysler CM 8 Roadster I believe. The owner thinks it is a CG imperial roadster which looks very similar. Upon research I also came across a CD deluxe roadster which also looks the same. Any help on how to determine what the exact model is would be greatly appreciated. I do have pictures.
  4. Al Capone was being transferred from Atlanta state prison to Alcatraz Prison. Al Capones organization were instructed to plan Capones escape and organize for him to be sent abroad for safety. Al Capone would be sent to Alcatraz on the famous 'Great Train' which had been designed to run into the prison by means of a ferry. The organization had planned to detain the train, liberate Al Capone and smuggle him to the safety of a foreign country. Chrysler 6 sedans were sent to France, New Zealand,Canada, and Great Britain in readiness for Capones escape not knowing at the time which destination it would be. Plans to detain the Great Train failed and capone was imprisoned on Alcatraz until the late 1940s where he was still in control of his various business organizations. This Chrysler was the actual car which was sent to Great Britain in Readiness for capones escape. the car was impounded by the British Authorities upon entry to England and was sold in 1936. The car was on display in the 70s at the History on Wheels Museum at Syon Park in the UK. This information was taken from the many documents the customer has.
  5. I am restoring a 1933 Chrysler CO6, it is an interesting car as it was owned by Al Capone. The question I have is what would be the correct colour for the fan, oil filler cap and dipstick. At the moment they are red which I think is incorrect. Also the cylinder head nuts, is chrome acceptable. I do thank you all in advance for your help. My specialty is Rolls Royce but I do have a few customers with antique American cars and have found myself restoring a couple of Chryslers, which is a pleasure. Kevin.
  6. Anyone know the best sparkplug to use for a 1931 Chrysler CD 8
  7. Kaiser Which wires do I leave on the old coil. I can mount the new coil right next to the old one and tap off the existing coil.
  8. Anyone know the best sparkplug for a 1931 CD 8 roadster
  9. I have a 1931 Chrysler CD 8. The ignition switch is part of the coil and when I tried to find a new one it seems they dont exist anymore. Anyone know how to add in an external 6 volt coil whilst still retaining the original switch? Thanks for your help.
  10. Anyone know where I could find a front differential seal for a 1931 Chrysler CD 8 roadster. Also looking for points, and condensor. Thankyou, Kevin.
  11. Hello, is there any way of checking the history of a vehicle with the vin #. I have just finished a restoration of a 1931 Chrysler Roadster and the owner would like to know more about the car if its possible.
  12. Hello Everyone, I am just finishing the restoration of a 1931 Chrysler Roadster. Upon driving there is slight grinding of the gears on upshifting. Is this common and you have have to double clutch or is there adjustment on the clutch? Thankyou kevin.
  13. Looking to Buy, 4 1933 Chrysler 6 hubcaps.
  14. I have the engine and gearbox out to restore the engine bay, the firewall is in a matt black paint, is this correct.