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  1. I have many parts for 54, 55 56, and 57 Olds 88. for sale. E-mail with needs. or call Frederick, (208) 401-5999. Thank you. oldsmofarm@yahoo.com
  2. I have some. Price and delivery is negotiable. Please call me (208) 401-5999. Thank you, Frederick.
  3. Hi Scott . Did you buy this car? Do you still need it moved?
  4. You may receive a ticket for "overlength" as some states limit is 60ft. without a special permit ie Calif.
  5. I need a detailed description of the parts to give you a quote. Please call my cell (208) 401-5999. Thank you.
  6. I may be able to do this. I need more info. Make, model,etc. runs? rolls? What town in Wa? What town in IN? Call me (208) 401-5999. Frederick.
  7. I have 18ft of open deck space available from Oklahoma east to Carlisle/Hershey end of the month or sooner. Large parts or boxes of parts or one car or truck OK?
  8. Call or e-mail me now to book hauling to or from Carlisle or Hershey! (208) 401-5999. Thank you!
  9. Idaho. I will move 2 cars plus parts (full load ) almost any where in the lower 48 states. Max weight 12,000 lbs. $2.00 per loaded mile for a full load. Thankyou.
  10. Hi John, I will be in Ne. Next week and then on to Ca. the end of the month. I need more details on you parts in order to give you a price. Where in Ne? I have delivered many times to Montana's shipping in Long beach Ca. I would recommend him (Al Montana) as he is very easy for the truckers to access and unload. No long waiting at the Port of Long Beach. Please reply ASAP as I still have room on my trailer. You can see my profile on this forum under Transport available. You my call my cell at (208) 401-5999. Thankyou, Frederick.
  11. I can haul your collection of parts or parts cars. Non-runners, non-rollers, frames OK. Engines. wheels, bodies,fenders,doors,etc. Nation wide with extra TLC. 8'6" x 32' flat trailer with stake pockets-so can enclose and cover only what is necessary. Card board boxes OK. I help load and unload. Cost is less than standard moving company. Call 24/7 and leave detailed message. (208) 401-5999. Thank you!
  12. Longtime collector offers door to door enclosed transport to and from anywhere east of the Mississippi. Call Al 24/7. (941) 807-2716. Thankyou.