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  1. Good afternoon, Can any members recommend a quality restoration/rebuild shop (1936 Super Eight Roadster, in the Milwaukee/Chicago area)? However, I can ship the car to other locations from the Midwest. I wanted to plan on an engine rebuild as well as the complete driveline and a few other body items. Many thanks in advance!!!
  2. Many thanks for the input! Yes, I did also check the ratio with rotating the rear wheel/driveshaft count. It confirmed the stamping. Grimy, I like very much your design to hide the heat tape. Will do this! Thank you!
  3. Again thanks for all the input on my issue. I discovered the differential ratio is 4.41:1 . (also I discovered it is stamped on the diff. cast casing). And with all calculations, 50 MPH should be the limit and all should be fine. Many thanks again!
  4. Good morning, many thanks for the insight! I plan to look at the gearing ratio this morning and will respond on the correct ratio. Many thanks for the link to the "McCullough Formula" This is a great reference tool! FYI, I am running an electric fuel pump, through my rebuilt mechanical. (if needed , I can install a temporary fuel pressure gauge). The metal fuel line from the mechanical pump is close to the engine block. There is a small bit of insulation in one area on the metal line, but certainly not enough.. All said, the car was restored to be period correct, but since I am not showing it
  5. Just check with my manual, looks like my car has the 4.41/1 differential. And, new the Super 8 engine was rated at 3,200 RPM, now that is probably not near that today, so lets say, take off about 10%, and you are around 2,800 RPM. With that in mind the car is only capable of 56 MPH max (10 MPH at 494 RPM). Guess I may have been pushing things a bit.. Thanks for everyones help and thoughts:)
  6. Thanks for the thought, not sure if that is occurring, fins are open when stopped after running and I checked the "tension" on the fins to see if they are loose in anyway, seem OK...
  7. Many thanks.. My car is a Coupe/Convertible Dietrich bodied Super Eight, perhaps it may be the 4.06/1. With that said, the ratio may be too great to run at 60 +MPH
  8. Many thanks for the advice. Gap of the water pump impeller/housing should be good. Checked the coil, coil is 14K ohms from the coil wire to the positive lead. Also, I will look into the rear differential ratio. That will certainly make a difference (car revs quite high, so the ratio may be jus that or close). Have another question on the Super Eight engine not related to overheating. How does the timing chain receive lube? Thans for all the interest to assist!
  9. Many thanks... Will look at / test the coil. Great suggestions...
  10. Many thanks.. A moment before the engine stopped (at 60-65 MPH) I looked at the temp gauge, it it was reading about 195. It was only after the engine stopped, did the gauge bury itself. If not vapor lock, maybe this is an electrical issue??
  11. Hello, Looking for some insight to identify my engine issue. '36 Super Eight, runs fine at any speed to 50 MPH. Now, we go to 60-65 MPH for 2 -3 miles and the engine shuts down, Temperature gauge buries needle. So now we open the engine compartment to cool things down for 15 minutes, engine starts, temp down to 180-90 and things are fine (did not go over 40 MPH). New water pump, using Evans coolant. Could this be vapor lock? Many thanks in advance for anyones thoughts.
  12. Many thanks for the comment on the style/design of the fuel tank pick-up! We will check this. As for the pump, I use a Carter GP 4259 rotary vane pump (6 volt). You can visit their web site at www.carterfuel delivery.com/fuelpumps. It has worked well, note I have a on/off toggle for this in case it is not needed during driving. The new pump was ordered (online) from Summit Racing, their part number CRT-P4259. Total with shipping was $109.90. I hope this helps....
  13. Just found the problem, the fuel pickup in the tank is not sending fuel. When I send compressed air thru the line, I hear a little bubbling of the fuel, but it is not a more pronounced sound. I am thinking something is obstructed or the pick-up point is away from the fuel in the tank.
  14. Myself, replaced both diaphragms as well as confirmed the slotted shaft (s) alignment.. I will be checking the screen for obstructions this morning..
  15. <meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8"> Many thanks for everyones help! I have another question. Since the Super Eight ('36) was in storage fro a while, I rebuilt the fuel system from the tank to the carberetor. Also included is an electric vane pump close by the fuel tank. The car run well for the first day, now I am having a fuel delivery problem. Fuel is delivered to the mechanical pump, but does not exit the mechanical pump. Is it possible that the mechanical pump has a air lock type of problem? Or are the inlet valve plates the problem? If I remov
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