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  1. We are planning on going to Cedar Rapids next weekend to observe, not taking antique car. Where is the car show and what should I expect to see? Can we see most of it on Saturday? Will anyone on the forum be there? Jerry
  2. Good idea to get old car out and go for a drive.
  3. Try going to NADAguides.com, then click on Classic Cars, then Make of car, then keep going back to older years. I found 1926 Pontiac. Hope this helps.
  4. Thanks Jim for that info. I had not found that. Jerry
  5. What are they worth? Looks like a lot of work.
  6. Very touching video. Gave me goosebumps. I wish everyone could see it.
  7. Good for the lake, but got a problem on trails.
  8. The Pontiac looks good and we have taken several rides. I need to get it stored for the winter. I was just reading another post about what is a true survivor. Don't know if the Pontiac qualifies, but we almost had to get the dents fixed and paint job. As for the 46 and 48 Fords, I was thinking $1000, but don't know what the owner is thinking. He said he tried to email Jay Leno once, so he may have high expectations. On the other hand, he knows me, so maybe he would like to see it get fixed up. I am thinking that since I left the Pontiac stock, I could (dare I say it on here!) make a hot
  9. I have found a 1946 Ford convertible, no engine, no top, sitting in the dirt with two wheels gone. It has been sitting out in the weather for a year. Any ideas what would be a fair price? He also has a 1948 four-door Ford that is in pretty bad shape. He might sell the pair. What should I offer him? Thanks for any thoughts. Jerry
  10. Thanks for the nice comments and to Susan for posting the picts. for me. The guy in the picts. is the body repairman and not me. The last thing he said to me was to let him know if I ever wanted to sell it, as he would leave the body the same and put a V-8 in it. I hope to get some family pictures and give some rides on Thanksgiving day, weather permitting. Jerry
  11. Yesterday, we brought the '34 Pontiac home from the body shop. It looks good, tornado dents are repaired and complete paint job. I still need a headlight lens. I ordered one from a place in Denver that I found on the internet, but it turned out to be for a Chevy. Any ideas? The bodyman was not able to find any of the chrome channel for the window on one door, but said he has found it in the past. Any ideas on that? I sent some picts. to Susan, so maybe she will post them on here for me. Remember I was having a overheating problem? We had the radiator boiled and a mechanic noticed that t
  12. I see Midnight Farmer got mentioned, so thought I would chime in here. Your 37 Pont. is a very good looking car. I say get rid of the rust and put some primer on it, like someone else suggested.
  13. Thank you for your well wishes. I for sure will be taking him some more rides in the old car and he loves to ride in the tractors and the combine.
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