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  1. Go to auto parts store they sell a kit for that
  2. seems funny to me a 1986 is a classic it don't seem that long ago
  3. it is a piece of coral in my reef tank it is called a zoanthid
  4. thoes washers are the same as my kids motocross bike
  5. yugo to store is a collectible car now ? lol
  6. if you email them to me i can post them for you
  7. thank you for the input i will get all the other numbers i am new to this thanks again
  8. i think it is a 31 next time i am in the storage place i will snap more pics i am working on a pole garage so i can work on it where i live
  9. what does this plate tell about my car thank you
  10. haven't got to far on this but i am working on a pole shelter so i can get to it getting excited i put one of those cameras on the spark plug hole and all looks good and oil is new from along time age thanks for looking is there any info from the plate i posted you could give me thanks jeremy