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  1. After all the fussing over this ELC system. It turned out to be the ELC relay under the dash. I found a NOS one on Ebay for $20, put it in and everything starts working again. Yay.
  2. GM hasn't used a pushrod 4 cylinder in a car in 10 year. Their pushrod V6es are decent, reliable motors.
  3. It looks pretty much identical.
  4. Yeah, but I have the same connector on the compressor and I have a black wire dangling off the wiring harness nearby. Either way, it's still not working. I'm waiting for the Electrical Trouble Shooting manual I ordered to arrive. As always, thank you for your help.
  5. Can someone post a picture of where the ELC relay is located? In my 1981 Service Manual it shows it located on the pump bracket itself, however mine isn't there... and there aren't even empty screw holes to indicate that it ever was.
  6. Is that upper black wire supposed to be there?!
  7. So just swapping out the front shocks should suffice? (they're likely the originals)
  8. It's me again.... am I missing something with these front springs? I'm at work and can't read my service manual, but I can only seem to find a part number for rear springs for an 81 Toronado.
  9. Thanks. I'm looking for as OE soft a ride as I can get. Not trying to make a track burner out of it. I already have front shocks on the way, a pair of NOS AC Delcos I picked up for $8.90 each plus shipping. I may to the front springs at the same time. I appreciate any tips I can get. This is my second Toronado, but the last was was stolen over 12 years ago.
  10. I just picked up an '81 Toronado a week ago. She's riding really low in the rear. The compressor isn't even coming on at the moment, but I'm not even sure if it's hooked up. I'm probably going to have to go through and diagnose the entire system at this point. If I do need to replace the compressor or have it rebuilt, I was just hoping to find a lead on it.
  11. I would argue that GM lost it's mojo well before the Reatta and Allante'. In fact, both of those cars were GM trying to get it's mojo back.
  12. I know this is an old thread, but I was hoping there might be some updated information on this. Anyone?
  13. I think he was referring to the previous generation Impala which came with a selection of 3.4 liter, 3.8 litre, or 3.8 liter supercharged pushrod V6es
  14. You may be surprised by the Cruze then. The interior has improved tremendously. I get press access to all the big auto shows and I've sat in a few of them.
  15. I am looking for the simulated wood dash panel that goes directly under the instrument panel in a 1984 Toronado Brougham. The current one in my car was cut to install an aftermarket radio. Any leads on one would be welcome. Thank you, Drew
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