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  1. I have around a dozen old titles Mostly Trucks Pre 26
  2. Looking for a 3x2 Aircleaner for an early model pontiac. I would think all gm Aircleaners from the same time frame would work.Thanx for looking. I also have a 3x2 aircleaner for a Mopar.. wlpatterson@yahoo.com
  3. What are you asking for the tires & Wheels? wlpatterson@yahoo.com
  4. I have an Orginal 1924 Ca Title in Excellent condition Issued 1-31-24 for a Chev Tour car Im interested in selling.An excellent deal for the collector. 361-548-3327 wlpatterson@yahoo.com
  5. Nothing comes up under rim spreader,If you run on to on I would appreciate you letting me know--Thanks
  6. I just bought a set of 32x4.5 tires for my 23 Dodge & after getting the ring inside the tire theres noway I can spread the rim??It likes about 3" Any suggestions? I know it calls for wheel spreader but where would a person get one of these that works?I checked tire sizes on both old tires & new tires & they are the same..I would greatly appreciate any help or advice anyones willing to share..wlpatterson@yahoo.com
  7. Im trying to mount tires on my 1923 32x4.5 Dodge wheels & There has to be some kind of tool to do it..These are the wooden wheels that stay on the car & the tire on the ring comes off. I can see the rings have to collap to go inside the tire,my problem is what kind of tool do you need to do that? I see 4 holes in the ring so Im sure it takes a special tool..If anyone out there can tell me where to find the tool or show me a picture so Maybe I can fabricate one..I spent about 3 hours trying to mount one the old fashion way & it cant be done..I appreciate any and all help..361-548-3327
  8. 389,Im not sure if the pontiac intakes are like the SBC & fit the 347 & up to the 400 but I think they do..Pictures are possible W/your email address.
  9. I have a 3x2 setup including linkage with fresh rebuilt carbs(All Correct) Im asking $750 shipped to your door.If you need photos or more info email me at wlpatterson@yahoo.com or my Ph# is 361-548-3327 May trade for SBC/BBC Setup..
  10. Im in need of tubes for a set of 32x4.5 tires,Actually I need 6 of them but am interested in what ever you have..I appreciate your time & response..
  11. I finally bought the tires & Now Im needing the Tubes & liners for my 32x4.5 tires..I need 6 of them. wlpatterson@yahoo.com Dont have to be new just good cond. I appreciate your time & response.. I would also Like info as to where I can purchase new ones if someone has a source--Thanx
  12. Im looking to buy an original Aircleaner for a set of 389 Pont.Tripower I just Purchased..wlpatterson@yahoo.com I appreciate your looking..
  13. Do you have a title for it? I think I do..wlpatterson@yahoo.com
  14. Im looking to purchase a 35/36 Ford Truck (1 ton) Title & Lic.Plates My email is wlpatterson@yahoo.com Cell# 361-548-3327
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