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  1. Hello, If anyone is interested, please let me know within the next 10 days. Otherwise, I will install it on my '85 Laser XT with Turbo II. I am going to pitch the Dynomax and go with this stainless beauty instead! I hate to waste it if a real TC can use it. Part number is noted above. I will be at the Illinois Power Tour on 8/31. Illinois RR museum. I have a nice heavy duty box ready to ship it in. I will send you the Dynomax for 5.00 plus shipping if you want that one instead! Regards, xt_laser
  2. The part number is 4425092. It was intended as the TII muffler. I would be shipping from 53186. Regards, XT_laser
  3. To All, I have a NOS stainless muffler for sale. I bought it new in ~89. It was a known performance improvement over the stock muffler used on '85 Datona's. I put a Dynomax muffler on my '85 Laser when I upgraded to TII. Now the muffler is starting to show its age and needs to be replaced. I am going to use the TC muffler unless I get this to the right home. I tried selling this once before, but did not get any hits.... last chance! 200.00 OBO Regards, xt_laser