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  1. Hi All, will a 1933 PD Plymouth Sedan door fit a 1933 Dodge DP Sedan? your info will be valued...
  2. Hi all, looking for a good 1933 Dodge 4 door Sedan driver's side front door...
  3. Wow! what a great looking old 1933 Dodge. PS looking for a driver's side door for a 1933 34 35 1st series Dodge pickup truck
  4. WANTED 1933 34 or 1st series 1935 Dodge Pickup or Truck Drivers Side Door (LH) let me know what you have for sale. Thanks
  5. worth noting cream car has boot with 90 degree sharp corners & the rumble seat cars have rounded corners both SWB cars
  6. Here is a very nice Short Wheel Base Australian 1933 Dodge 3 window Coupe, photos were taken at the Bay to Birdwood run.
  7. I guess we all know there is always going to be some differences in the cars & trucks built in other countries than what was built in the USA, there were a lot of coach builders world wide building the Chrysler product on a contract basis, the chassis seems the same as we know, some were a knock down export & the coach builders took over from there....
  8. The photos attached are the closest "Stalk" I could find are listed as 28-31 Chrysler made by Dennis Gooch in N.Z. The Aussie 1933 Dodge used this type mounted on the rear fenders. The DB1934 licence plated 1934 Aussie Dodge in the above photo is using the stalks I am looking for. thanks T J Richards
  9. Looking for a pair of LH & RH 1934 Dodge Tail Lights & Stalks.. Thanks For Looking T J
  10. here's the correct tube axel for a 1933 MoPar
  11. that front axle & shocker set up has been replaced at some time of it's life, look carefully as the bump stop does not line up with the frame either and you can see where the original bump stop was fitted directly to the frame as the original plate is still attached to the frame without the rubber, it should have leaver shocks set up on it. I think it's a 1933 HC pick up with a donor front axle from something else. check the rear wheel arch area on the frame for a number.....or clean more of the area to the left (below where the spring was originally attached). the rear fenders are wrong as well.
  12. Thanks for the info Mopar 69 I will check them out......
  13. Thanks for your info Jim, it's rear fenders I am looking for, can you please confirm that SWB & LWB front fenders are actually different? I know the hood running boards & the valance panels covering the frame (chassis) are longer, I find the LWB cars have 3 mounting supports on the frame for the running boards & the Grill shell also has 5 rivets on each side holding the support bracket for the way the radiator is mounted closer to the engine fan.... my car is SWB
  14. Has anyone used R&R fiberglass or the speedway motors product 1933 Dodge Sedan fiberglass Fenders?....... I can not find any steel ones and these are my last resort.......any recommendations & suggestions for good fitting 33 dodge sedan fenders will be appreciated...... Thanks T J
  15. Hi all has any one used the 1933 SWB Dodge running boards from the company below Smoothie Fabrication<?XML:NAMESPACE PREFIX = O /><O:P> </O:P> 4866 Hwy 27 East<O:P> </O:P> P.O. Box 387<O:P> </O:P> Iron Station, NC 28080 877-218-1937
  16. Has anyone purchased these? if so what are they like do they fit?