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  1. Posting for a 49er friend in Florida.

    Have (2) late 40's Cadillac side loader transmissions (includes rare mainshaft collar) $500.00 each- Also, (2) correct Cad Hurst floor shift units, $250.00 each. (3) '49- 54 GM Standard Cad bell housings (one will also fit '49-53 Olds rear engine mount set up) $100.00 each- (2) GM '49-'54 Cad/Olds standard flywheels $100.00 each- Also an aluminum Schaffer '49-'54 Cad/Olds flywheel $180.00- One clutch housing plate and Cad/Olds disc $50.00- I standard clutch fork and bearing $50.00- (1) Early 50's polished Weiand 3 carburetor, Cad '49-'62 intake manifold, with 3 matching, rebuilt Stromberg 48 carburetors $1000.00- Original 50's aluminum Hildebrandt high lift "bubble" '49-'62, Cad rocker covers (they are not reproduction and are excellent) $800.00- New complete Bendtsen '55-'62 Cad transmission adapter kit for all GM 350, 400, as well as the overdrive units including the 700-R; includes high torque starter/flywheel and all parts. $600.00.

    Will consider offers to combine components.

    Call David @ 863-6600758 EST Central Florida. dhutch4@yahoo.com

  2. <TABLE width="100%" border=0><TBODY><TR><TD vAlign=center>Posting for a friend</TD><TD vAlign=center>

    </TD><TD style="FONT-SIZE: smaller" vAlign=bottom noWrap align=right height=20> </TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>

    <HR class=hrcolor width="100%" SIZE=1>EXTERIOR

    Hood center molding (Also the flying lady parks her lower end in it)

    Turn signal chrome bezel ring about 4 inches in diameter. (Yes it is round)

    Raised wings Cadillac hood emblem for front of hood

    "C A D I L L A C" front of hood lettering (8 holes in hood to affix it)

    Left bumper guard

    2 each headlight doors (Rims) paintable.

    2 each rectangular (about 5 x 8 inches) fog light lenses

    2 each rear bumper guards

    1 each right tail fin (upper portion of tail light )

    1 back up light assembly

    Tail light base assembly (mid section)

    Chrome cover for combination trunk handle and license plate holder (the part that encloses the light lens)

    One pair of correct mirrors (what ever that means)

    One exterior door handle with retainer

    One pair stone guards or where can I get new rubber put on mine

    One pair of fender skirts or rebuildable ones

    5 each 16 inch correct wheels (16" x 6" from 1939 and 1947)

    4 each rebuildable hub caps

    Rear valance ( I have one in very poor condition and would be easier to find a good one?)

    Ends and center for front bumper Valance


    Turn signal lever (stalk?)

    Ivory shift lever knob (standard transmission)

    2 rebuildable sun visors

    Left half of windshield molding with joiner pieces

    Parking brake handle

    Rebuildable steering wheel (mine is down to the metal)

    4 (one set) interior door panels

    1 interior door handle

    Left rear door window molding

    One short (22 1/2 inch) foot rest for rear seat, foldable and 6 screws (3 each but I have one with out fasteners and not sure what I need one would help to get the right ones?)

    2 air grilles for under seat heater that heats rear of cabin.

    One set of 4 running board covers (or where can I get mine reconditioned?)

    4 lock knobs (The ones you screw on the lock extension and pull on to unlock it)

    Carter carburetor part of the automatic choke (The arm that sticks out and engages the spring in the choke)

    Please reply to Gary Griffin glgriffco@msn.com


  3. I have a great story about vintage plugs. A friend of mine out here in the central valley of calif has 150 1951-68 Imperials. In a trunk, he found 45 one gallon cans stashed . He opened one can and found 24 Nos Champion 6mm plugs in their boxes for 1932-33 Dusenburg and Stutz engines . 5 of the cans were Nos 6mm Champion R-11-A packed at the Alameda, Calif naval base 1951. Took me a few months to sell all on ebay, with jay leno buying 5 cans. I do have 2 Nos R-11-A plugs for sale here $40 shipped.

  4. Something is chewing on my virgin 49 Cadillac wool carpet and whether it's moths or carpet beetles is beyond me ? What should I use to control this, as I'm using irish spring soap currently as recommended by a friend. I'd like to find a product I can spray on the damaged areas without staining the carpet.

    Any advice on how to tackle this is greatly appreciated.

    Jeff Cad/Lasalle Club 4194

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