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  1. I thank everybody who has responded to my post.I called Roberts Motor Parts and they told me that a few sending units have had their resistors mounted upside down,lucky me I got one.I drilled out the rivets reversed the resistor.Now down is empty and up is full.You had the right idea George.Thanks again everybody,this is a great place to solve problems. Lew
  2. Thanks for the info about my sending unit.I should have mentioned that it is a one wire unit, and that I made a new ground connection from my tank to the frame.Tomorrow I will call Roberts Motors and see what they have to say.I will let everybody know if I find out what the problem is. Thanks Lew
  3. Thanks everybody for all the info.I should have mentioned this is a one wire unit,and I made sure of a good ground by making a new ground connection from the tank to the frame.If Roberts Motors can tell me whats wrong I will post it on this forum. Thanks Lew
  4. I have a 37 plymouth that I bought a new sending unit for.When I spoke to Roberts I told them I had a 6 v. system with a positive ground.They said this unit would work.It works backwards.Up is empty,down is full.I can see no way to reverse the float.I will call them in the morning,but does anybody know if there are different units for positive or negative ground systems? This will drive me crazy tonight,anybody with knowledge on this subject?Any help will be appreciated. Lew
  5. Thanks Jack, Please send the instructions,they are certainly more than I have now. Lew
  6. Im putting a new gas sending unit in my cleaned and coated tank.(I thank everyone for all the info on tank cleaning for my 1937 Plymouth) Of course my new unit (from Roberts Motor Parts) is a little different.There is an adjustment for arm length for the float.And there is an adjustment for how far the lower part of the unit sits in the tank.(No instructions with the sending unit). I want to get this right the first time,any help would be appreciated. Thanks Lew
  7. Thanks Ted,I found a decent pair at a good price.Lew
  8. Thanks,If you have 1937 NY plates please email me with a price. Thanks again,Lew
  9. That would be great.I will be waiting.Even if you dont have them that is a kind gesture.The AACA seems to have wonderful group of members.Lew
  10. I am looking to buy headlight reflector retaining clips,and headlight lens gaskets for 1937 plymouth.I am also looking for a dash light control knob for the same car. Lew
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