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  1. Hello, Are you looking for something to rebuild or do you want one running? Carl E.
  2. Paul, have you found arm rest yet? If not I may be able to help. You can send me an e-mail to carlbige@comcast.net Carl E.
  3. I have the rear seat asm. out of a 63-64 Dart convertible. It needs recovered and has some rust but it's all there. E-mail for more info & pictures.
  4. I have the trim for the belt line (top of door edges) for a 4 door. Nice used condition.
  5. I have a pair of factory original floor mats for a 1970's Opel in the factory box. You can see a picture of them on my web site at www.carlswellusedcarsandparts.com just click on the Misc. page and scroll down. I also have a bunch of used shop manuals. I will have to see what all years they cover?
  6. I have the following moldings available; 1957 Chrysler New Yorker Right front fender spier & left rear quater lower for a 4 door. 1966 Chevy truck 1 wide door molding and 1 wide bed molding and 1 narrow bed molding. These are for a long bed Custom Cab option. 1957-58 Plymouth wide upper front & rear door moldings off a wagon but 4 door should be the same. 1963 Falcon 2 door both quarter moldings and one door molding. 1953 DeSoto 4 door upper belt line moldings off the doors. 1941 Chevy hood center strip that meets the hood ornament. 1962 Oldsmobile Super 88 4 door side trim, hood center strip, cast bar between tail lights and other misc pieces. 1964 Ford fender moldings 1960 Plymouth 2 door trim from the top of the fin to the front fenders. Also top of fin that stops just behind the door on a 4 door. Grille and V trim on lower valance. 1960 Dodge Phoenix 2 door right door molding and fin top moldings. 1961 Dodge quarter trim. 1966 Dodge Polara 2 door all side trim. Let me know what interest you and I can get a discription & maybe pictures plus a price. Thanks!
  7. I have the following bumpers for sale as good cores to re-chrome for show and some could be drivers. 1966-67 Nova rear 1957 Dodge front long bar 1962 Dodge Polara front 1941 Chevy front & rear SOLD the rear. 1959 Edsel front & rear 1965 Lincoln front center bar 1964 Lincoln rear center bar 1964 Comet front 1964 Fairlane front 1958 Buick rear center bar with fuel lid 1958 Edsel front Let me know what your interested in and I can get pictures and a discription as well as a price. I can ship them through Fed Ex no problem.
  8. I have a nice solid hood for a 62 Fairlane. Just needs sanded down and painted to match your car. I'm in the Carlisle, PA. area and might ship if you can't come pick it up. Asking $175.00
  9. I'm parting out a 64 Comet 4 door if there is anything that will work for you just let me know? Carl E.
  10. Hi Rick, I have access to a 27 T roller frame. It's a bit rusty but maybe you can make something of it? Send me an e-mail to carlbige@comcast.net for a quick response and I'll try to find some pictures of it. Regards, Carl E.
  11. Ok I found out that 59 Mercury may have the same tank body but 57 & 8 are different. How many people with 59 & 60 merc's are looking for a good gas tank?
  12. FYI your car has a 60 Ford front bumper on it. Still a nice car!
  13. Hello, I was wondering how many folks with 60 mercury's are in need of a new gas tank? Also does anyone know if the 57, 58 & 59 use the same tank body? I'm looking to have some tanks reproduced and trying to feel out the market. If there is someone in the Mercury club I could contact about these particular cars that would know some details that would be great if you could put me in touch with them? Thanks! Carl E.
  14. I made a deal with this guy on a dash I have and have it ready to go but he has not responded to me any more. I don't know what happened to him but a reply would be nice?! Carl E.
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