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  1. I have an 85 Riv with factory option chromed steel wheels. Will these wheels fit on an 82 Riv does anyone know?
  2. vicmar55

    85 Riv

    I have an 85 Riv which I bought brand new, about 15,000 miles on it, no rain no snow and garaged all the time for sale. Got pictures if you are interested.
  3. Well, after a trip to the dealer I am still confused. The inside sail panel was removed which exposed a steel plate covering the back of the outside coach lamps/lighted emblem. I had a small replacement 110 V transformer part# 25504394, which I described in my previous thread. The mechanic told me that he tested the voltage and it was 12 volt for that emblem and it appeared as if it was an entire assembly, no replacement bulb. They gave me a part number of a housing #5936484. The parts manager who has been at the dealer forever said he recalls those emblems being 110V but nothing is shown in their system as to how to replace/repair. If it is a one piece unit, removing the lense from the outside, if it can be, seems useless unless there is a bulb. The GM parts system does not indicate that there is a bulb. Still need help. Thanks
  4. I have previously asked about the outer side lighted emblems, which I referred to as "opera lights", that are on the side of the landau roof of my 1985 Riv. One is not operating and I was led to believe that they were 110 volt, however after dismantling the inner sail panel today at a dealer, they tell me it is 12 volt. They also said that the entire housing is one piece and there is no replacable bulb. I am lost. Does anyone know how these lighted emblems( with the Riv"R" in them) work? How do you replace?
  5. I have an 85 Riv which has one of the outside Opera lights not working. I am told that the access to them is thru the inside rear sail panel which houses the rear inside reading lamps. The opera lights are apparently 110V and I am looking at the replacement transformer I have. It has a GM part # of 25504394. It is a small black box with a lead coming off it with a plug on the end. I am getting this replaced in the next few days thru a friend at a dealer who still has someone who is familiar with this car. Hope this helps.
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