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  1. Thanks guys for the suggestions. After looking things over I might go with Layden B's suggestion. It seems the simplest. Tom
  2. Don- Yup, I have the title. As for keeping the old engine, for me, this is a "non-starter." My garage is so loaded with car parts (aka-"junk") that I am not anxious to add a derelict engine to the pile. I guess what I would like to do is basically switch the engine I.D. on the title to the serial number on the car. This switch would make life much simpler when the time comes to sell it. For reasons I don't understand, the DMV is really being stubborn about this. It is not a stolen car or carrying a lien. I just don't get it....... Tom
  3. I have run into a nightmare of a title problem with the State of Michigan. I have contacted the Secretary of State and they say their hands are tied. I am looking for some ideas for a "workaround." I have a '35 Dodge which has an engine that is not long for this world. It is beyond the rebuild category. I do have the opportunity to get a similar engine that has been recently rebuilt. Now this is where things get nasty. My title does not have the body serial number on it which is on a tag riveted to the door pillar. The title has the engine number (which is different). If I remove the engine I loose the title verification. To get a "new" verification I need to get some paperwork and have the new engine number verified via inspection. I believe the police do the inspection. So far no real problem... Now the "dark side".....The "new" title I will receive from the State shows the car as being an "assembled car" with no year or manufacturer indicated. In effect it will no long be an antique vehicle nor will be eligible for antique plates. This is bizarre! Again, the SOS say their hands are tied. Help! I need a workaround so I can have a title that reflects what the car is, a 1935 Dodge NOT an unknown collection of parts. Anyone else have this problem? Thanks for the help. Tom
  4. Hi Guys- I tried Old Car Lenses and he does have a set of '35 Dodge headlight lenses. Unfortunately, my budget can't handle the $320 he want for the pair. So I am still looking.... Thanks for the help. Tom
  5. Need some help. I am looking for someone to rebuild my '40 starter solenoid. Better yet does anyone have one? I am told a '37-'40 will fit. Thanks for the help. Tom
  6. Keiser31- Thank you! This was just the thing I needed! I finally got everything apart (still new a new lens). I think the problem of getting the lenses out was the fact that three of the springs had only one rivet holding them in. I think that was the culprit which was preventing the lenses from tilting. At any rate, they are out and again thanks for the help. Tom
  7. Need some help on a couple of items. A starter solenoid for a '37-'41 Buick and a couple of headlight lenses for a '35 Dodge. Any leads would be appreciated. Thanks Tom
  8. I gave it a try but evidently I did something very WRONG! The lens cracked on me. So now I am in the market for a lens any leads out there? Or failing that, any thoughts on going to a seal beam conversion? Thanks Tom
  9. Thanks guys for the help. I finally got one off. There seems to be a trick to this. I pressed super hard on the top of the lens. This tilted the lens slightly enough to expose a 1/8" hole on the bottom of the lens. I inserted a small screw driver as a pry and the lens came out. If this is how you are "suppose" to do it, it is fraught with a lot of negatives such as cracking the lens. Is there a better (and safer way), to do this? Again, thanks guys. Tom
  10. Need some help on this. I need to remove the headlight lenses on a '35 Dodge, but how? I have unscrewed the screw on the bottom of the shell housing (as far as it will go) and have push the lens inward in a variety of ways hoping the lens will tilt like a tail light lens does. Nothing happens. I must be doing something wrong - HELP! Thanks Tom