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  1. That is why you should not listen to a wise man! Or someone who thinks they are a wise man! By the way your old 38 century is alive and well and doing fine.
  2. Hello Steve I have one that is complete and rebuildable if you are interested. It has a busted piston but it is very rebuildable. Thanks Tom
  3. Mr Earl, Kindly check your private messages. Thanks
  4. Because it was recently moved to Texas! I own it.
  5. I sent you a message to your email. Thanks
  6. I own a mostly original 1938 Buick century model 67 four door fastback. It has only had three owners from new. The fellow I got it from had owned it since 1973. It is a nice original car. Let me know if you are still looking for one.
  7. I have one for a 51 buick roadmaster with insert bearings. I am in fort worth texas
  8. I have the exact engine for your car and it is in great condition. It came out of a car I am parting. It only had 80k and it ran great. Contact me if you are interested
  9. I am new but I would like to look at the car,please contact me.I am local.Thanks Tom