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  1. Redline. It actually has even more zinc/phos than required.
  2. No PCV, these cars weren't made with them. I smell my dipstick constantly and never smelled fuel. I'll have to monitor the vent tube and see how much is escaping there. Thanks for going over how drag engines act and what loose means from back then, I'm clueless as I'm only 30. Alex
  3. I do get smoke out of my breather tube when the engine is running. It seems to use very little oil though and my plugs don't foul. Fain was still in the garage of his house back in 1964/65 and would have no records. He built this engine for his brother-in-law at the time (who was the 2nd owner). I have tried emailing him to see if he remembers anything about the car but I have never gotten a response. The engine has fair street manners after setting the timing right for the cam and getting the carbs adjusted accordingly with a correct heat range plug. I'm this weekend removing the 2x4 setup Fa
  4. People have been emailing me through here and eBay... I do not have any choke parts or linkage. I also don't have the counter weights. Those seemed to be the most common questions... Thanks!<!-- google_ad_section_end -->
  5. Thanks for the tips and info everyone! I'm going to add some more information... I don't seem to have oil consumption issues, it more of a blow-by, low compression in a couple of cylinders issue. When the original engine was rebuilt before being stored, it was built for racing by Fains Machine in Ventura CA. It only ever saw 1 drag race and about 2,000 street miles before going into storage. The 2nd owner that had Fain do the work said they went .030" over, used new pistons, and built it "loose" for racing. So whatever "loose" meant in 1965 to Jimmy Fain, I'm not sure. As of today, I have ano
  6. Wow, great thread! I myself will be doing a R66 drive in my survivor '56 Corvette starting in Barstow CA ~late Spring 2011. I only have 2-3 weeks off work so I doubt I will make it far before having to turn back since I'll be stopping to check everything out lol! I live in Bakersfield and I'll just take hwy58 to Barstow and start there. I'll be following this thread and suggestions to help plan my trip!
  7. Yeah I'm just trying everything before I rehone and rering. I used 2 spray cans and half a liquid can of SeamFoam down through the carbs 2 different times and it cleaned it up but did not solve the issue. I haven't tried it in the crank case or gas tank yet. I have found SeaFoam to be great for cleaning but not for rust/lubrication issues.
  8. My '56 Corvette (265ci V8) was stored in the CA desert for about 39 years, inside a garage mind you, NOT outside. The original engine was rebuilt and had only about 2,000 miles on the rebuild when the car was parked. It did not take much to get the engine running and after a few months I have now gone through everything and it's running better than ever. BUT, not all of the upper piston rings appear to be sealing yet. I am getting some blowby when running (smoke coming out of breather tube) and I can hear out the exhaust that it's the passenger side. I haven't done a compression check yet, I
  9. 1957-1961 2x4 245HP carbs (No dings or cracks) No air screws in base like '56 and Early '57 carbs These will fit 1955-1961 SBCs and maybe other years? Original front carb tag: 2626S - Date code: F 8, 4 Original rear carb tag: 2627S - Date code: E 8, 9 Note: Original carb tags, NOT repro! Main bodies: 0-049, 0-1049 Air Horns: 6-1299 Front carb numbers: 6-1299 in raised lettering, 1161 stamped in, 6 in raised lettering, and a 5 in raised letting. All of these numbers are on the LH rear corner of the front carb on top of the carb body clearly seen with the air cleaner on. Rear carb numbers: 6-129
  10. RIP A spare turbine engine, really? That thing must be worth a fortune by it's self!
  11. Man, I would pay $1,000 just to have it in my front yard! That is just cool! Best of luck with the sale and getting a fair price! alex
  12. Looking at how fairly original and complete it, I also say to bone stock original while you can still find the right parts. JMHO.
  13. 92GTA

    1959 corvette

    You really need to post some pictures but the forum mentioned would be the best resource.
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