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  1. I realize this is an old thread but I too am looking for original seat info and I have a few questions... Anybody home?
  2. I have a 37 coupe Zephyr that has been relieved of its firewall tags. All that is left is a frame number on the front left (driver side) cross member. I was wondering what information could be learned from this number? Thank you for any help or direction...
  3. Thank you for the tip. I just signed up and posted it up.
  4. I'm thinking that is a panel delivery. The overhang in the back, the cloth wrapping over the top, and the rear fenders are inset into the body. You may be right in the carry over in the panel delivery but I'm thinking the sedan delivery is truly a sedan with a few mods? Thanks for the pics though I'm learning a lot about these things in the past few days. lol
  5. I'm my research the difference between the 31 and 32 are few. 31 had the regular old looking hood louvers, two piece bumper, and a visor. 32 had the square louvers, a cowl vent, no visor, and a one piece bumper. Oh and I'm not liking the extreme chop look but I thought Id throw it up for conversation sake. LOL
  6. Well being no one seems to have one or really know what is correct I'm going to press on with this project. The car was Photoshopped into a Sedan Delivery using the stock front door and I think it looks in proportion. Here is a before and after.
  7. Yep, that's the reason for the title and original question. Trying to find a measurement. Guess at this point it really doesnt matter if no one knows what they are supposed to look like.
  8. Here is a 5 window and a 3 window... Im thinking the 3 window and the Tudor Sedan are the same and the 5 window and 4 door sedan are the same. I'm really impressed with how advanced the actually metal parts of the body are over the Fords being built in 1931... Flush fitting doors, welded rear body section, not bolted. If they would of lost the wood earlier I think they would have out lived the Fords in quality and popularity.
  9. Are you positive about the door size? Here is a pic of a 2 door about the same angle picture. The door on the tudor looks longer to me than the door on the delivery? On the 2 door the B pillar is almost half way back on the body?
  10. I'm new to the early Chevy world but I have a question. I just purchased a 1931 Chevrolet 4 door body only. Im thinking seriously about turning it into a 2 door sedan delivery for a shop truck / parts runner. I find that Chevrolet did indeed make a Sedan Delivery in 1931 but I only been able to find one real picture of one that I can study. There are a few poor drawings on line but I cant find a real picture? Does anyone here have one? Or do you know where I can find a couple original photographs of them. I know its a strange request but I've searched and searched with no luck with the exception of this one photo. And Im not sure its a 1931? The main question I have is... is the front door on this picture the size of a four door front door or a two door front door?
  11. I'm looking for an on line publication that has the interior body measurements for a 1932 Ford 5 window Coupe. I'm looking for across the cab measurements in the seating area. Does any one know of any illustration or tech. data that might give this information? Thanks in advance for any direction, or even where to start looking?
  12. I believe your correct. I got the number 1GY 94748 which comes up 1942 Ford 6 cylinder 90 horsepower. Oh well! :mad: Early Ford Serial Numbers For Cars and Trucks Manufactured for the USA Market from 1932 to 1953
  13. I have a 37 Zephyr that I am working on and need to find out if this is the original transmission or not? The car has had an engine change in its history at some time and I'm not sure if they changed the trans as well? Are there any identifying mark on a 37 Zephyr transmission? Here are a few pics... Thanks in advance for any direction in figuring this out.
  14. Thanks for the info. Now that I think about it and I have curbed my enthusiasm a bit, I think I am getting ahead of myself. Putting the cart before the horse again. I had better slow down and take another good look at the vehicle. Thanks again!
  15. Thanks for the reply. The question is really which seat frames fit in the 31? I have 2 here in town with spring that are ready to go, one is a 28 and the other a 32. Will either or both of these work on 31? Your dimension drawing may do it for me. The car is at the ranch I will get some pics next time im out there. Thats the problem I dont have the car here to measure... From what I can see 28 through 32 look like the same body but Im green at these cars and trying to learn what is what. Thanks.
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