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  1. That is why moderators should enforce the removal of sold or old adds.
  2. Make me an offer before I put it on flea bay next week.
  3. I am not sure exactly what year this holder fits. It is possibly from a 62 Electra. It was my grandfathers and we found it in his garage. He had a new Buick every couple of years. It still has the orginal Kleenex box in it that is mostly full. You can see the condtion in the photos, but it missing part of the emeblem. There is some wear on the bottom behind the slot in the paint. The sides are great. I don't see any scrathes. There is no rust at all on any of it. The chrome is in good shape but is not perfect. I have not polished it for the photos. It still has the sticker on the inside. If you want better fullsize photos send me an email. Asking $40 plus shipping.
  4. That does help some. I found the exact same in a photo of a 62 Electra. Thanks.
  5. Can anyone tell me what year or years this Kleenex holder is from. It has the orginal box in it with a copyright of 1938. We found it in my grandfathers garage. He had a 39 Buick. My father had a 54 Buick but he says it is not from that. It mounts upside down and the tissues come out from the bottom. It is not the swing out kind. If anyone has a clue that would great.<!-- google_ad_section_end -->