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  1. I have about 20 of these lights, some are new. $50 ea. 256-593-9869.
  2. The Picture you have shown is correct for the Deluxe. It is a Deluxe car, it has the Deluxe dash. The picture Dave is showing is of a Custom Deluxe.
  3. I have an orig. 57-58 Merc. set with all the trim. 256-593-9869. Sherrel
  4. Why was my reply deleted???????????????????????????????????????????? Well, Well guess no one will admit their actions.
  5. Maybe things have changed in the last few years. I know what the Team Captain should do. I have shown many different cars over the past 30 years & many points have been deducted, several times the judges were wrong. I have NEVER been ask for documentation on any car I've ever shown. Before you say I shouldn't know what points were deducted ) Surely you know that you cain't keep a Sly Fox out of the Hen House. Sherrel:mad:
  6. If AACA judges all cars as they left the factory, then I'm sure most all judges must know that some 51 Fords came from the factory with this int. Sherrel
  7. NTX5467, Thanks for your thoughts. But, I was only speaking of the engines of the 50s. They changed the way they did things in the 60s. Here are a few of the 67 & 68s I restored.
  8. Hi, I would like to show you my twin Grand Prixs. One is restored frame up, 389 bored to 400, tri power, fac. air & elect. windows, The other is 67,000 miles, all original,
  9. Hi, Could someone tell me when Pontiac first used the Slim Jim Tran. & which model was it used in? Thanks
  10. restorer32, here is enother thing that is missed 90% of the time. Chev. NEVER had a Blue Engine Or Decal on the valve cover (cars) untill the 1953 Power Glide Blue Flame engine. The 53 straight sheift cars had the Old Gray Engine. Sherrel
  11. Well, in the 70s & 80s we were told this at every school, untill I gave the info. to the judging committee. In 58 Buick began to use some rubber fuel lines & in the 60s everything began to change. Nobody knows how the engines of all makes cars of the 70s & 80s were finished.
  12. msmmazcol, I was referring to the lines on the engine. Back when I was attending judging schools, the rule was that all lines on an engine were natural (Not Painted). I proved that incorrect. Beganing with the 1953 V8 Buick, the engine was assembled with everything to start & test the engine before the engine was painted. This included the water pump, fuel pump & brackets. Wonder if anyone here has ever judged a Buick with the fuel pump painted engine color. My Buick Research pictures by proxie35 - Photobucket
  13. Well, Well, this is ever interesting that the shirts were used as an example. For years it was never pointed out to the judges that GM never offered Fender Skirts for Cheves. after 1954. That is 55-59, I'm not sure when they were offered in later years. I doubt if many judges know that these cars should not have skirts, because most people added the Fox Craft shirts in the 50s. In fact I was the one who gave the documentation to the Judging Committee. Sherrel
  14. How was the Engine Fuel & Vacuum lines finished on Cars of the 50s, Natural or Painted? Sherrel
  15. As you can see from these photos, the fuel & vacuum lines were installed before the engine was painted. Sherrel
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