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  1. The Durant Automobile Club has over 300 members worldwide and is now in a search for a creative thinking editor. Any leads or questions can be forwarded to Pam Von Bergen pamelavb@sbcglobal.net or to Bob Smith flintauto@gmail.com 520-818-3391
  2. Tinindian I'm curious if the 1929-30 Pontiac or Oakland use a Hayes body? I have a 33 Canadian Durant in search a few parts
  3. Hello B I'm curious if the poster is still available I did send an email Bob
  4. There are only two know existing Sheridans, one is in Washington State, the other is in the Hurrah's Museum, Reno. The Sheridan was Mr. Durant last project at GM. All the Sheridans were built in Muncie, IN. You can email me at flintauto@gmail.com
  5. The DMAC will be in Traverse City Sept. 19th - 23rd, 2012. There will be three days of touring, visiting lighthouses and local sights of interest. The host motel will be the Sleep Inn & Suites, Acme. More details can be found on our webpage at www.durantmotors.com Bob Smith 520-818-3391 1923 Durant 1933 Durant
  6. Jim I think you are leaving too much information out. One would have to know you, what you plan on doing with the car (is it going to be in the family for years)? Is it a fairly common auto? Whats involved in doing it right and how big a can of worms are opened? Is it an issue that has to be addressed now or can it wait and be addressed without having everything being done now wasted? Is it going to nag you later, because it sounds like now is the best time? You'll forget about the $$$ sooner than the imperfection. Bob
  7. Would you have any headlight parts? Lens, buckets...
  8. On eBay there is an early set of Oldsmobile wheels eBay - New & used electronics, cars, apparel, collectibles, sporting goods & more at low prices # 110822090147
  9. On eBay there is an early set of Oldsmobile wheels eBay - New & used electronics, cars, apparel, collectibles, sporting goods & more at low prices
  10. oldford Are you still looking for information on the M series Rayfield. Please send a PM and I'll send you a picture from sales material. Bob
  11. btt I'm surprised you still have the car. Priced right with a little history, the six (model R) is a strong running and rarer auto. Bob DMAC
  12. Maudsley I have a first project I need to start also, please keep us posted. Bob
  13. I have four wooden spoke wheels, these are for A-22 1922-26 4 cyl. includes four dust caps, rear wheels have brake drums, front wheels were taken apart at king pins..includes bearings. These seem quite serviable...but they require 4 bolt rims. Tucson AZ, $250 all 520-818-3391
  14. Barry I have an old stock tail light like you are searching...it has a edge chip, but is otherwise quite nice flintauto@gmail.com
  15. I have an unusual car, a 1933 Durant with hood doors. There are no springs, now, so I have no idea what I'm looking for. I'm thinking they must be some sort of bi-metal so that when the engine compartment heats up they open. Does anyone know where any springs might be available?? Hood doors seem to be a 1932-33 styling thing. thanks Bob
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