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  1. Thanks again to you both. Tough car to source.
  2. Thanks for those tips RivNut - especially the rust spots. Looks like I'll be focusing on an 84! Though, the CB is not a must have....just would be cool as a factory option. Been looking for a nice car for weeks and it's been tough. Never would I have imagined that these cars would be so difficult to track down.
  3. Thanks for those links! Yes, I've done tons of research and prefer the later grill, though mileage and condition are most important to me. Looking for a model loaded with all the options like air suspension, and even CB if possible. I welcome any leads! There are lots of mediocre cars out there with rust and that's not what I want. THANKS!
  4. Hi. I'm looking for a great condition 82-85 Riv convertible. Color: white. Later years preferred. Please email me if you have anything! Thanks Dan
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