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  1. How much for the center console in black? Any other black leather parts available? Thanks
  2. Barely Fit, thank you so much! That was just the explanation I needed! Fortunately for me, the mechanic (who the previous owner hired to replace the top down motor) accidentally left his large ratchet and 3/4 socket in the trunk. So I'm going to practice the manual method until I get it down and then worry about finding someone (else) to fix the motor. Barbara
  3. Thanks George!! So, do I need to pull the metal tonneau cover up and PUSH back to hold it up while lifting the back of the top up & out? What part of the soft top should I grab? By header hooks I guess you mean the latches for the windshield? Why do I need a pull down motor (that works) or can I do it manually? I have the manual but I was afraid to consult it because the inside of my tonneau cover has a PARAGRAPH of instructions, some of which don't apply! So far I am only driving on days with no forecast for rain and only visiting friends who have carports! I'm beginning to suspect
  4. Hello, we meet again! Does anyone have the time to put together an ultimate guide -- step by step for us dummies who are befuddled by this entire complex process of raising and lowering the tops? I've searched the forum and learned to always latch the back FIRST and that probably there is something wrong with the new pull down motor installed in my TC by previous owner. My brother & I wrangled the hard top off -- (Pristine Yellow Hardtop with slightly fogged but fixable portholes seriously for sale, includes original Maserati cloth cover and deluxe stand/cart with tiny wheels). I pe
  5. Does anyone have any idea how much the original pewter model is worth? I didn't find a sold one or offer for sale on ebay. My "new" TC came with lots of original accessories that I'm now considering selling to stockpile my new TC Contingency fund. The original umbrella and case is virtually New-Old-Stock condition, never been used......Alas the pewter model is missing its nameplate and the windshield bends slightly. Thanks, Barbara
  6. Thanks George! I bought the car Tuesday and drove it 1000 miles home trouble-free! My new little yellow cream puff is so pristine in condition that the multiplude of hand-manufactured defects in the body and irregular stitching in the interior really pops out at you. I can almost hear the people laughing at this car in the dealership in 1990. I'll post a new thread with pictures soon. As for your list, I'm still working on all of the above except for the last one. Barbara
  7. Thanks guys this is great stuff! Ghosymosty -- you wet the rubber seal with water and it sealed better??? I'm amazed. This car appears to have been stored ALOT during its life. It was originally sold as a lease vehicle (yuck) and has lived in the Midwest all its life. The seller gave me a copy of an inspection report from last fall that was very detailed, lots of pictures, CARFAX is fine. Since it's a drive for me, I'm having him give it a good tune-up PLUS whatever you guys suggest before I leave SC. Rotten fuel lines and hoses are supposed to be replaced. A good friend recommended te
  8. Hello! I am new to your forum and really impressed with all the information I have learned so far. I am going to look at a 1990 Chrysler Maserati TC. The exterior and interior is in pretty good shape. The porthole windows are delaminated but I hear it is not impossible to fix that! I'm more concerned about it's driving condition as it has been stored for several years and I'll need to drive it home. Supposedly it is in good running condition. Don't worry, my brother will be following me in an Explorer so if it dies we can tow it home! The good news is that it is stored next to a repair sh
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