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  1. You took that on the way home from Rhinebeck, didn't you? Great day there!
  2. I'm still stumped on where my keys are.
  3. I always wondered who ripped up my cornfield...
  4. Hey Dave, want to take a road trip with that Buick snowbuster and come up here to Waterford? My trees are getting shorter. A pox on this weather. I had my '48 Chevy out yesterday before the snows came, just to give it some exercise.
  5. cahartley, you've summed up my feelings nicely. I used to attend a lot of shows, but now only two or three a year now. For the life of me I can't understand PAYING for the privilege of letting people attend the shows for free (and doing all the stuff mentioned in other responses on this thread). In my opinion, everyone should be charged the same amount to attend - exhibitors and the public. By the way, that's what the deal is on two of the shows I attend each year.
  6. I just got a call from someone who owns a 1923 Nash who is delighted to get the parts. Ah, parts saved from the junk man. You can't beat that!
  7. I'm losing storage and I have to get my '22Nash transmission out of there in the next few weeks. It's free to a good home. I'd hate to junk it. It's located in Schenectady, NY. Any interest?
  8. I dunno , but the model appears to be a boat.
  9. Hi. I live further along Route 20 in Albany, and I've thought a trip to the other end (west) of it in my '48 Chevy pickup would be great. Maybe we can start a convoy...
  10. Hey Dandy Dave, are you pushing mud today? No? Tomorrow for sure. It should be 60 down your way.
  11. It's been so wet here that I haven't been able to get any windshield time for a month... Hopefully, this weekend brings some dry weather.
  12. I let the kids, and even grown-ups who ask, to sit in my truck. It's no national winner, and it's a truck, so have fun. Enjoy, but don't go nuts.
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