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  1. Anybody out there have a good 17300 relay, or a 20 amp reverse base diode? Bo
  2. The information you fellas have provided is being very helpful. Now, does anyone know where I can get another cut-out for the thing, or a 20 amp reverse base diode? Thanks, Bo
  3. Some time ago, I was looking for parts for a Wagner Electric E.M. 126 Generator on a 1916 Right Hand Control Roadster (Convertible) 4 cylinder engine. I finally was able to send the field coils, armature and generator cut out off for rewind, and seal. I am putting the beast back together. I've not been able to find much information about the charging system on this car, so I'm working close to being in the dark. I've found no voltage regulator on this car and I'm wondering how the system works to control the charge, rather to prevent an under, or over charge from occurring? Preventing an over charge, ie, burning itself out, again, is probably the more critical of the two. Does anyone know how many amps/volts the generator should be charging at? Since this is a 6 volt system, I'm guessing some where around 25 amps and around 8 volts? Also, what RPM range does this generator operate in? I'm guessing it activates as needed between 500 and 1,800 rpms? Not really sure? But, it would seem to me that it really isn't a high speed operator, say at 3,400 rpm. I don't think the engine revs that high!!! Does anyone have a wiring schematic? I'm not at all sure the thing was wired correctly to begin with, as it burnt itself up soon after getting the car started from a long nap. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Bo
  4. Anybody out there have a good used generator, or parts. I need a good armature and set of field coils for a Wagner model EM 126. Bo
  5. Can somebody tell me where to find the engine number on the Continental 6 cylinder in a 30 Erskine? Thanks, Bo
  6. I have a 1924 Studebaker Light Six. I need the starter motor drive gear (bendix). It has 11 teeth. Thanks, Bo
  7. RPAust1, I sent you a note about the part your looking for, at least I think I did. If you don't get the email drop me a note at bomarkham@embarqmail.com Bo
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