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  1. Hi Dan Are you Dan from the Stutz Club. I could probably send you a copy of the model M 1929 are they the same regards Bob
  2. Hi Joe Do the doors open in the opposite direction to each other. Are you open to offers regards Bob
  3. Hi Jonathan I am very interested in loco light Bob email or 07 55641281 Australia
  4. Hi have you any new delco distributor caps the type that the threaded terminals are exposed . used on early stutz pierce arrow and others thankyou
  5. Hi Asking price for Stutz houke wheel centres thank you
  6. Hi Are the 18'' rudge still available and if so have you a contact number thank you
  7. Hi what Locomobile parts do you have and contact number thank you
  8. Please put me in contact with the person having a run of Stutz worm drive gears thank you
  9. Hi what year Vauxhall parts are they thankyou
  10. Hi brendanh Have you still got the Mercer wheel center for sale at your price thank you
  11. Would any body have a spare early 1920's Franklin speedometer for sale regards Bob
  12. robert smith

    stutz timing chains

    Hi what do you want for the marmon headlights. looking for dv32 and 1929 model M timing chains. Are they new and rust free thankyou. Bob.
  13. Hi where are the engines located and can you give me a contact number thankyou.
  14. Hi have you any photos and 3what is the asking price thankyou.
  15. Hi its for a friend and I think he is a member of the marmon club.The car is a roadster I believe, I have not seen the car. Thankyou for your help regards Bob.
  16. Hi would you have a 1920 speedo for a 1920 34b marmon thankyou.
  17. Hi John would you have a complete steering box rebuild kit for a 1929 M stutz thankyou
  18. Hi is this car still for sale thankyou
  19. Hi have you got any reproduction steering box gears for a 1929 stutz 8 ohc thankyou
  20. Hi a hollier was buried at Coonamble australia many years ago regards bob.
  21. Hi is the 1911 locomobile model M open to offers thankyou.