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  1. Good day sir Are the top bows with the car and could you forward some photos of the gauges and the back of the car.thank you
  2. Hi have you a generator/distributor for a 1923 Marmon regards Bob.
  3. Hi On page 3 ypu have a pair of lamps could you give me the size and dimensions and condition [ any cracks also the brand ] the same with the lamp on page 2 regards Bob conta
  4. Hi Would you have a bosch dis cap 65937. points to fit 1929 stutz thank you
  5. Hi Dan Are you Dan from the Stutz Club. I could probably send you a copy of the model M 1929 are they the same regards Bob
  6. Hi Joe Do the doors open in the opposite direction to each other. Are you open to offers regards Bob
  7. Hi Jonathan I am very interested in loco light Bob email or 07 55641281 Australia
  8. Hi have you any new delco distributor caps the type that the threaded terminals are exposed . used on early stutz pierce arrow and others thankyou
  9. Hi Asking price for Stutz houke wheel centres thank you
  10. Hi Are the 18'' rudge still available and if so have you a contact number thank you
  11. Hi what Locomobile parts do you have and contact number thank you
  12. Please put me in contact with the person having a run of Stutz worm drive gears thank you